Welcome to DEATHTRAP Dungeon for the PC. Prepare to embark on a great adventure as you explore vast dungeons and battle over 50 kinds of fierce creatures and monsters. You will have to use every weapon and spell at your disposal just to stay alive. You can use this walkthrough to WIN!

Many of you may have already been using my Playstation version of this solve. If you have, then you know that the PC version of DEATHTRAP Dungeon has some significant changes in level design. This new solve covers all of those changes in detail. This Visual Walkthrough provides complete maps of all 25 challenging areas of DEATHTRAP Dungeon, and each map is keyed to descriptive text that reveals the locations for every item, secret, monster and trap in this game. You can use these maps as a visual Table of Contents by clicking on certain areas of the map to link you back to the main walkthrough text.

Unlike my previous walkthroughs which actually told you what to do, this Visual Walkthrough will "show" you the layout of the dungeon and where everything is. While I will give you certain hints for some areas, it will be up to you, for the most part, to actually play and finish the adventure on your own.

Navigating the maps is quite simple. Simply move your mouse over the map. Whenever the cursor turns into a hand that means you can click to get info on that area. Many areas consist of multiple levels and maps. The START and EXIT locations are shown for each map and clicking on the actual word will link you to the previous or next map in the series.

Reading beyond this point without using the maps will be very confusing. All text from here on is directly linked to certain areas of each map and will not provide a logical walkthrough when used without these maps.

Use this area learn all of your character's moves before entering those doors. You should know how to run, jump, and perform all of the various weapon attacks before entering the dungeon.

Dodge the jets of fire as you run down the hall. Climb the stone steps on the right and get the Razor Spells from the ledge. Flip the lever to open the main doors then kill the Imp who guards the second lever. Flip that lever to activate the teleport which takes you to the other side. Kill the second Imp then exit to the north.

Avoid the Knackerer as you circle around to enter the elevator from the North. There is a SECRET along the east wall which contains a Warding charm. Ride the lift up and flip the switch to extend the bridge. Cross over and take the lift down to the next passage.

Ride the first lift down and make your way to the floor. Kill the pair of Imps near the back of the room then flip the two switches to raise the middle slabs and also open the door to the central chamber. Climb onto the slab and make your way up the steps into the cylinder. The floor of this room is actually a lift so activate it to ride to the top and get the RED KEY. Watch your key inventory box as it is quite easy to pick-up this key and not even know it.

Ride back down and go through each of the 3 doors to obtain; Bombs, Healing Potion, and an Arc of Power. After you have looted this room you can return to the hall and go through the RED GATE.

This room is loaded with Orcs, but you can use the Thumpers to assist you in killing them all. Just keep moving and don't let them force you under a Thumper. Grab all the Health Potions that their dead bodies will leave behind. When all Orcs are dead the final alcove will open (North) and you can obtain the SILVER KEY. Flip the switch to lower the purple force field back by the lift that brought you here.

Back out in the hall get a good long running start and do a flying leap from the edge of the lift out to the center of the room. You will be high above the Knackerer room you passed through earlier. Open the chest from the backside to avoid the same fate as Mr. Bones. Get the War Pig, Healing Potion, and Fireball before using the teleport to safely exit this area.

Make sure to save your progress before this next tricky room. The room itself is hidden behind the east wall. A pair of Imps are on a balancing beam on the south wall. You can try and use the levers along the north wall to move the beam and kill them or simply climb up on the beam and slice and dice them yourself.

When they are no longer bothering you, move the 4 levers in this area (in the proper order) to gain access to the high alcove to the east where the GOLD KEY awaits. Be very careful as you drop back down from this alcove as a flame-throwing Automaton is waiting to blast you. Another one waits for you back out on the ledge. You can either fight or dodge them as you make your way to the GOLD GATE and exit this level.

The first thing to do here is to flip the lever opposite the north door. This will open the gate and allow you to get the Venom Sword which sits in the glow of the Save Skull. Arm the deadly blade and return to the previous room to beat-up the Snake Women who come out of the alcoves. Scarf up the Fireballs and Healing before heading north. Continue straight through the next north door which is opened by the other lever in the previous room and ignore the east passage for now. Head out onto the high walkways.

Drop off the NW corner of the crossroads to find and flip a lever which activates a teleporter (marked as a T on the map) in the SE corner of this huge open area. Now retrace your steps back to the southern room and take the east passage. Note: The Save Skull appears at the crossroads on a future return trip.

Head down the passage killing the clowns and jugglers who try to stop you. A pair of Imps in giant boots will be released from their cages as you make your second left towards the teleport. You cannot kill these Imps so just keep going and take a leap of faith into the darkness. You will fall into the teleport below (assuming you activated it from the crossroads) and collect a Star Spell, Health Potion and Firefly on your way down. You will warp back to the crossroads.

Kill the snake women in the center of this room to obtain a fresh Venom Sword. Kill another snake women hiding in the room to the back then head south where another pair guard a Save Skull and a switch which opens the north wall. Head north to the next area killing more snake women who block your way.

Don't miss the partially concealed switch in the niche to the right. Flip the lever between the doors to deactivate the traps up ahead, then take the right door and passage. The Jack-in-the-Box contains the SILVER KEY and a Health Potion. Exit through either passage.

This room and subsequent passage are filled with jugglers and clowns. Kill them all. The picture to the right of the door is the secret trigger to open the door into the passage.

Grab the Health Potion from the alcove on the left then take care of the two snake women before continuing to the next area.

Continue straight past the junction then turn right at the second junction. If you were to continue straight at this point you would arrive at a locked gate which is at the bottom of the tower shaft. Continue up the long spiral ramps leading to the top of the tower. Kill all the jugglers and pick up all the Gold Coins along the way. You should have 5 coins when you reach the top.

Once at the top, you can look down the long shaft which contains a long line of items. Arc your jump so you fall down the shaft passing through and collecting the items which consist of; Jet Spell, Razor Spell, and an Ankh of Vitality. The Ankh will boost your health high enough so that you survive the fall. Exit through the bottom gate and head back toward the beginning of this map making the first right turn. This hall leads to the first Red Save Skull and an even longer hall leading to the western half of this level.

This small passage leads to a dead-end with a snake woman guarding some Antidote.

Throw the first lever to turn off the purple force field and carefully enter the room. Watch the pattern of the Knackerer and time it so you can throw the lever and head through the east opening when the force field is down. Go around the corner to the north and time your run so you are following the second Knackerer. Dodge into the alcove and leave the box alone - it has a bomb inside! Wait for the Knackerer to pass by before continuing around to the last two alcoves. The alcove on the end has another box with a bomb but the side alcove contains a box with Healing, Strength and a Firefly.

Return to the first alcove and flip the lever to turn off the force field across the hall and enter the central room then cross over and exit this area of the map.

Watch out for the clown ambush in this area. Take any Healing Potions they may leave behind after you have slain them.

Watch for jugglers appearing from secret wall panels as you head down this wide cooridor. Head down the long west passage and when you hear the door at the end start to open, turn and run back to the switch at the corner. A Knackerer should be chasing you and it will go into the alcove behind you. Flip the lever to trap the Knackerer inside then you can go back down the hall and flip the lever to disarm the firetrap around the next corner.

With the firetrap disabled you can now safely enter the west door. The fake wall at the end of this passage and on the west wall at the end of the southern passage contain Healing and Fireballs. Continue down the long hall until you reach the next T-Intersection.

Kill all the jugglers in the first two room. When you open the door to the final room prepare to dodge the lightning attacks of the High Priestess. When everyone is dead you can flip the gold middle switch to unlock the north door back at the T-intersection. The two side switches open alcoves on either side of this room. Flipping these outside switches a second time will open SECRET side alcoves back in the previous room, but only for a limited time so hurry! When you are done with this area you should have collected Healing Potions, Fireball, Razor and Warding.

This room has more jugglers and another High Priestess. You can battle them head-on but I prefer to open the door and toss in one or two War Pigs then shut the door and listen to the screams. Either way, once they are all dead you will add a Fireball to your spell collection.

This large section of the map contains hidden alcoves on the sides with lots of snake women ready to attack. If you already have a Venom Sword then you can start cleaning up now; otherwise you may want to head to the back and go through the south wall passage. Head up the spiral ramp making sure to grab the RED KEY from behind the dark-colored wall section. At the top you can drop down and get a new Venom Sword. The gates will open and snake women will attack in large numbers from all sides.

When things have calmed down you can collect the Healing, Greater Razor Spell, and Arc of Power from the NW alcove. The NE alcove has a deadly duo of snake women but no goodies, and the SW alcove is also barren of any items. The lever at the east wall will drop the gate trapping any snake women on the other side. Exploring beyond this point turns up nothing.

In the SE section of this area (where you took the spiral ramp) there is a pair of doors opposite each other. The door to the west opens on a timer so you need to open the door and quickly run in and flip the lever then backflip out of there before you are trapped. That lever opens the door behind you which hold a chest with Firefly, Healing and a much needed Icy Cool.

Equip the Icy Cool and go back through the west door and quickly run to the end of the tunnel to pick up all the Coins then reverse and get out through the door before it shuts. The Icy Cool will protect you from the flames, but if the door shuts you are trapped forever.

Head back to the junction with the Save Skull and follow it around until you reach the door which requires the RED KEY.

This is your first chance to load-up before entering the Big Top. Open the chests to collect; Bombs, Fireball, Buckshot, Healing, and an Ankh of Vitality. Save your game then enter the first ring.

Ring 1 has a carload of Jugglers, clowns and axe-throwing Orcs. Keeping moving and attack quickly. Get the clowns caught in a crossfire with the Orcs and they will fall even faster. When everyone is dead the door will open to the next area.

Your next chance to rearm your arsenal nets you a Fireball, Jet Spell and Warding.

Ring 2 is full of snake women. Attack with the Venom Sword if you've got it otherwise just hack at them and keep on the move. You should add a Silver Sword to your inventory during this battle. Try not to use it, as you will need it in Ring 3.

This rest area lets you save your game and gives you an Ankh of Vitality and a Healing Potion.

Ring 3 has you dancing with the undead. A small army of skeleton warriors will constantly attack you. Make sure you are using your Silver Sword. Don't waste unnecessary swings on them. When they grab their heads, they are as good as dead. You will be able to pick-up/re-charge your Silver Sword several times throughout the battle. You may have to rearm the weapon if it ever runs out before you recharge it. Enter the final Rest Area when all of the skeletons have been smashed.

This final resting area adds some Healing, Bombs and a War Pig to your inventory.

Ring 4 is the main attraction but you should have plenty of firepower to take out the T-Rex which is charging at you from across the room. The hardest part of this ring is the camera angle. I prefer to enter the room then switch to 1st-person view and shoot 4-6 Fireballs directly at the big lizard. If you hit him with enough firepower he should drop before he gets halfway across the room. If you do get into close combat then I suggest using the structures in the corners to slow his pursuit down. Use the War Pig only as a last resort since it can attack you just as easily as Mr. Rex. When the T-Rex is dead the level will end.

This is the first area you must go to. Pull the lever to open the door then kill the Imps who attack. More Imps wait behind the doors in this hall. Open all the doors, kill all the Imps and flip the pair of switches to get access to the wheel which turns off the flametrap on the opposite side of the central chamber. You should leave this area with Healing, Bombs and a Coin added to your inventory.

This side chamber contains more cells and more Imps. Grab the Healing and Rockets before dropping down into the lower area.

This sub-level has a switch at the rear which raises a large platform back out in the central room. It is guarded by an Imp which you can easily kill before leaving this area by flipping the other lever to warp back to the main floor level.

Use the large square slab to step your way to the Mezzanine. Watch out for collapsing floors in the opposite corners of this level.

As you near this corner the south wall will shut blocking your access to the Fireball, Coin and Greater Razor Spell. Continue straight into the room and flip the switch up on the short ledge. The wall will open allowing you access to the items inside. Do not touch the lever by this area or the floor will break apart. Just get the items then head north to the lift.

The switch up on this section of the 3rd floor rotates the upper walkway around so you can access the next switch in the sequence to get the Blunderbuss. Ride back down and cross the bridge to the next lift.

This second section of the 3rd floor has several objectives. A false wall leads to a switch and a collapsing floor which will drop you into a pit if you aren't careful. A SECRET Invisibility is hiding behind the ledge next to the lift. The walkway should be sticking out of the wall just enough that you can do a small diagonal jump then walk over and do another jump into the passage. Now you can flip the lever to extend the bridge out to get the floating Blunderbuss. Head north towards the lift but continue on so you can get the Health Potion before riding the lift back down to the 2nd floor.

This hall has a pair of doors and the second door triggers a collapsing floor. Jump or run back down the hall as soon as you open the door. An Imp is behind the door and will start throwing daggers at you. Return to the small alcove to the west and activate the secret panel to access the switch which drops a wooden floor over the pit. Now return and kill the Imp and flip the switch he was guarding. You should add a Coin to your collection before you leave this area.

Turn south at the lift and activate the wall to reveal a switch which opens a SECRET room halfway up the elevator shaft. Return to the lift and ride it up. Get the Fireball, Buckshot, and Strength potion before riding to the top. The Silver Gate is locked but attempting to open it will reveal the location of the key.

Once the location of the SILVER KEY has been revealed you can cross the bridge and jump over to the now-extended wooden ledge and get the key from the short hall.

The door to this room will eventually open and a pair of Minotaurs attack from behind hidden doors near the back.

Things get dangerous quick so save your game. When you try to open the door to the south the words "WATCH OUT" will appear. A pair of fire-spitting Automatons are now after you. They can be taken out with a fireball so avoid their flames and kill them quickly. The switch to the south starts the Thumpers to the north. Time your run under the pounding slabs to get the RED KEY from the back.

A large section of floor will collapse up ahead. A running jump will clear it or you can do small diagonal jumps to get around. The switch to the south will reveal the switch to the north which activates the sliding wooden platforms out over the central chamber. Make a note of the two small alcoves to either side of the entrance to the main chamber. The north alcove is the target of an upcoming teleporter and the south alcove will spawn a Minotaur.

Get the timing of the NE platform down. As you run across the bridge a wall will drop up ahead and rockets will come flying at you. You need to time it so you can jump onto the wooden platform as it extends AND avoid the rockets. Quickly make your way to the narrow east ledge and flip the lever to close the wall and block the rockets. Now you can jump back to the main bridge and continue. NOTE: This trap resets on return trips - be careful!

An Imp and some Minotaurs guard the chest in this area that contains the Fireballs. The east passage contains a ledge with a switch and a floor panel which you can safely fall through.

The lever by the door open the door behind you releasing a pair of Imps who guard the switch to open the hall door. The circular room contains some Healing and a teleport which warps you back to west side of the central chamber.

The south end of this hall has a giant Automaton Scorpion which can easily be blown-up with a well tossed bomb before he even turns around. Imps are hiding in some side walls and the switch to the south opens the east passage behind you. An elevator at the end of the east passage is guarded by a Minotaur. Take the elevator to the next map.

A Minotaur greets you as you reach the top of the lift. The next door triggers a large arrow trap so get flat against the wall to avoid (or at least minimize) the damage from the arrows. As shown on the map, there are two levers behind two doors; each guarded by a small Automaton. Prep a Fireball spell and open the door and blast 'em. Flip the levers to extend the north and south bridges out over the main chamber.

The north room with the bell also has a SECRET containing a Sword, Bombs and Health. The south treasure room contains 3 chests which have Buckshot, Warding, Fireball and Strength. Also lurking about in this area is the first Mad Scientist who attacks you with a large bloody hacksaw. He is much harder to kill than a regular monster so use your big weapons or spells to get rid of him fast.

As you reach the middle of the bridge a pair of doors open on the west wall to reveal a pair of Automatons. Each one guards a Gold Switch which you must flip to open the door at the west end of this bridge.

The south section is pretty basic. Kill the Automaton to the west and flip the switch. Use the RED KEY from the last map to open the east door and raid the treasure vault. You should get; Rockets, Bombs, Strength, Warding, Antidote, Anti-Magic and Gold Crowns. You can also use the Save Skull in the corner to preserve the moment.

The north section is home to the second Mad Scientist as well as a Minotaur and the second Automaton. A Health Potion can be found in the first alcove to the north and the Gold Switch will open the door leading to the exit (assuming the other Gold Switch was thrown first).

Mad Scientist #3 guards the final exit but his death will turn off the purple force field allowing you access to the lift and the exit to this level.

This small room offers up a pair of Orcs which you can kill before falling through the floor panel in the corner.

Do a series of running jumps down the wooden ramps along the perimeter of this tall structure. When you reach the bottom, head for the gate to the west.

This west passage is your first introduction to the Rock Monsters. They are impervious to all weapons except for the Magic Warhammer so for now you will have to avoid them. At the intersection you can go straight to flip the switch then head to the north passage which turns into a dead end with a Warding.

The south passage has a few turns and several Rock Monsters which block your way to the room which has a chest with a Health and the RED KEY. A SECRET room to the west contains another chest with some Healing. Keep moving to avoid getting crushed by the Rock Monsters.

More Rock Monsters patrol these passages. The first side passage to the left leads to a Fireball and Razor Spell. The third passage to the right leads to a room with a Firefly and the SILVER KEY. A SECRET room to the south of this room contains Buckshot, Firefly and Grenades.

This long hall is blocked at a few locations by some mine carts. You can move these out of your way by flipping the nearby levers. Make sure to save at the corner as the next area can be quite fatal.

A series of jumps to each of the wooden platforms is required to continue to the east ledge. One slip and you will fall to your death, so be careful. Once you make it to the ledge, you can enter the passage and take the lift up to the bridge above and cross over to the next section.

This series of passages is heavily guarded by more Rock Monsters. You should find Healing and Firefly as you make your way to the circular room. This room contains the first of several Magic Warhammers. These are the only weapons which can defeat the Rock Monsters. It only takes one hit and each hammer is good for about 15 swings so make them count.

You will eventually drop back to the beginning of this level and can continue north to the mine cart passage and head west this time.

This area is pretty obvious. Jump to the first platform then over to the ledge and smack the Rock Monster with the War Hammer. Then jump across the next series of platforms to reach the west ledge. The passage to the NW is blocked by firejets so you will need to take the lift. The lift is deactivated after the ride so don't bother coming back this way.

Move into the next room and climb the ledges. Continue around and cross the bridge killing any Rock Monsters who stand in your way. Grab the Healing in the room across the bridge and flip the switch to turn off the firejets back in the previously blocked passage. Now return to the center of the bridge and line up your jump to the wood platform below. Follow the passage around to the Save Skull and the next map.

This long narrow cavern has several Rock Monsters who will try to block your way. Don't miss the lever on the backside of the rock wall near the end of this cave.

Follow the arrows to get through this room. Flip the levers to rotate the arrows on the floor. The map shows the correct position of the arrows after using the levers. Make sure to get the Magic Warhammer on your way through.

This next series of halls is patrolled heavily by Rock Monsters. The gate to the south is locked, so make your way to the circular room in the center of this area. Inside is a Health Potion and a Teleport which takes you to the south side of the locked gate.

The large caverns ahead contain more Rock Monsters. Don't miss the GOLD KEY to the south or the lever to the north. Also to the north are Healing, Warding and a Fireball. Avoid the Rock Monsters or kill them if you have any Warhammer left and make your way to the next map.

A door in the NE corner leads out of this room but don't miss out on the Invisibility in that chest just to the south of the door along the east wall.

More arrows on the floor lead the way and another Magic Warhammer can also be added to your arsenal. The lever in the second chamber will rotate the remaining arrows allowing you to exit this area.

The floating platform will carry you safely over the pit with the Rock Monster but you will have to drop into the pit if you want to raid the two chests and get the Fireball, Grenades and Magic Warhammer which you can use to smash the stone beast before climbing out of the pit.

Now you must run down the narrow bridge, timing it so you don't get knocked off by the swinging pendulum. Once through this area, use the convenient Save Skull around the next corner.

This room may seem quiet until you flip that lever to the north. Then both corner lifts rise up with a pair of Rock Monsters. The door to the south also has a pair of Rock Monsters who are guarding another Magic Warhammer. When all the beasts have been turned into rubble you can take the SE lift down to the next area.

This large cavern has even more Rock Monsters. Make your way to the switch on the wall then exit to the north and follow the passage to the lift which takes you to the main throne room.

Ride the floating platforms to the other side then flip the lever and ride the lift down below. Make a quick left turn and head to the rear of the long hall to flip another switch which slides the columns over and loosens the floor above. Continue around and take the lift back up to the earlier room from this area.

Once your are back upstairs, go through the door to the north and taunt the Gold Rock Monster King. You should be able to trick him into falling through the broken floor. Once he is dead you can run or jump across the gap and head for the north wall. Raid the chest in the NE corner for some Grenades and Healing before you exit this level to the north.

Meet the Swedish Bikini Team. While these girls may look good in their red bikinis, they are pretty handy with a sword. Watch out for the really tough women with the Mohawk hairstyle as they are even tougher.

You should be able to find Strength and Healing and a Coin along the south wall. Dont miss the SECRET behind the false wall to the west. Behind it are Rockets and an Antidote.

Either hall leads to the main room where a High Priestess and a bunch of her guards are waiting for you. Fight them from the doorway so they can't gang-up on you. There is a Fireball and Healing in this room and you can activate the altar on the west wall to lower a lift.

Ride the lift up to this area to find the remaining SECRETS for this map. An Ankh of Vitality is in the middle of the first room and a secret wall to the south opens to reveal a Venom Sword.

This area has lots of things to get. The south passage leads to a Antidote and Starspell while the north passage leads to a secret wall panel which hides a Blunderbuss and Buckshot. A second secret wall panel hides a Red Save Skull. This skull is trapped, but there is a switch behind the barrels to disarm the trap. Blow up the barrels with a bomb or blunderbuss from the safety of the doorway before trying to save your game.

A Coin is in the central room along with several bikini warriors. When they are all dead you can continue to the east.

This next group of rooms has a pair of lifts and Healing, Buckshot, and a Coin. The EXIT lift is deactivated, so head to the lift to the east and flip the lever and ride it to the lower passage. Once you flip the switch down there, you can return to this level and use the lift to the south.

All sorts of nasty women are down in this hall. They will teleport in and come out of the various side passages. Your ultimate goal is to flip the lever at the end of the hall to activate the lift upstairs and get the Firelance while you are down here. Return to the upper level when you are finished here.

On your first trip to this room you can kill some more bikini warriors and flip the switch in the alcove to the west and the switch around the corner to the south. Before you leave make sure to get the Fireball and Healing Potion in this room.

Lots of women to kill in here. Watch out for the warriors up on the ledges who throw daggers. You should manage to collect Blunderbuss, Healing and Warding Charm from the various alcoves. A SECRET on the west wall contains Anti-Magic Charm. Climb the north ledge and ring the first bell and flip the lever. Now return to the hall near the Gold Gate and take the now-open door to the west.

As you head down the ramp there is a wall which opens on the right as you make the turn. Bikini warriors are hiding inside. A SECRET room is down the opposite side of this hall and there is a switch inside which allows access to the Save Skull further down the ramp and to the west in the side room. You should also find some Healing and a couple of Coins in this area. There is also a door here which cannot be opened until much later, so move on to the southern rooms.

Surprise! More red bikini warriors guard this room. The lever down the west hall opens the gate in the SW corner of this room, but only for a short time. There is a Coin you can find in this room and a bit later (after you ring the 2nd Bell) you will return here to fight the High Priestess in the SE alcove to obtain the RED KEY.

This is a large area with lots to do and get. The Antidote, Healing and Coin can be obtained when you enter. Then head down the south passage watching for spiders. Check those side alcoves (some are hidden) to collect Healing, Fireball and Buckshot then continue to the south room with the coffins.

The SECRET room to the east contains Razor, Greater Razor and Fireball spells which you can add to your inventory before taking the NW hall to the large treasure room. There are lots of chests in here and opening them will eventually cause a giant spider to drop from the ceiling. Before leaving you should have collected Grenades, Firefly, Starspell, Buckshot, Healing and Antidote.

Complete your exploration of this area by heading north to the next turn where another spider lurks in the corner. An Arc of Power is also in this area as is the lift which takes you to the section above this portion of the map.

This upper platform has a few surprises and a lot of items. Spiders will attack from concealed alcoves and there are two Red Save Skulls up here. The lever to open that locked door a few rooms back is down the passage and on a small ledge to the west. The room at the far end has a Venom Sword in the center. A concealed room to the east contains a chest which is trapped. Stand to the side to open it or you will suffer the same fate as the skeleton lying on the floor. Return to the lift and leave after collecting Crowns, Coins, Bombs, Strength, Healing, Antidote, and Fireball.

Once you can enter this next area you will find more bikini warriors, a locked Silver Skull door, a bloody altar room, and a SECRET room to the west which contains a Silver Sword. Follow the hall as it wraps around to a lever which opens the Silver Door. You should also find a Coin in this area.

Proceed through the unlocked Silver Door and follow the passage around. You will arrive at a Save Skull floating in a small altar room (not the bloody altar) and a few short turns from there is the second Bell. You cannot return the way you came, but a section of wall is now gone which allows you to walk around to the ledge with the first bell from much earlier in this level.

Retrace your path back to the room on the map with the RED KEY indicator and fight the High Priestess to claim the key. Once you have the key, head back to the very first room of this level and use it on the Red Skull Gate and head up the ramp to the final section.

At the top of the ramp, jump to the first platform then turn and jump to the SE platform and flip the lever to get the third platform moving. Make your way over to that platform and ride it to the east wall which you can open to find a very large SECRET room containing; Fireball, Grenades, Crowns, and Strength.

Now ride the platform to the opposite side and flip the lever to open the wall section which lets you return to the starting hall with the Gold Gate. Make a running leap to the next ledge to the west.

As soon as you land on this ledge, turn the dial on the north wall to deactivate the flamejets. Then flip the lever between the doors to open them and get the GOLD KEY, Warding and Flamethrower. Jump to the small SE ledge and use the lever to activate the bridge. You can then jump from the bridge into the center room where Buckshot, Healing, and a Red Save Skull are located.

With the Gold Key you can now return to the starting hall and open the gate and ride the lift to the next level.

A High Priestess is waiting to warp into the south alcove as soon as you pick up the Warding from the north alcove. A Bomb and Strength potion are also in this area as well as a Save Skull which appears after the High Priestess has been slain.

This large hall will turn into a bloody battlefield real fast. A small army of bikini warriors attack you first. After you open the SE door a bunch of axe-throwing Orcs attack, and when they are gone a dozen or so skeletons barge into the room. Before, during and after combat you will want to collect some items laying around the place. These include; Blunderbuss on the SW ledge which will then rise up allowing you to jump over to the south ledge to get Buckshot, Health and Antidote.

A bit later the lift in the SW corner will function and you can ride it down to the SECRET room which contains Buckshot, Warding and Ankh of Vitality. The lever down here resets the lift and lets you return to the top.

The north column has a lever which requires the Gold Key. You will get the GOLD KEY from the last Orc you kill so the location may vary from the indicator on the map. This lever will lower the ledge allowing you to ride up to a Red Save Skull and another switch which opens a wall further down the long cooridor to the SE where the Orcs came from.

Flip the switch across the room then open the chest to the south, making sure to stay against the wall to avoid any "accidents" from any swinging axes. You should claim the Silver Sword and a Healing Potion before leaving this area. Note: If you visit this room during one of the many battles from the previous section, you can often lure 2-4 bikini warriors, Orcs, or Skeletons into the path of the swinging blade and kill them all at once - just make sure you are flat against the wall.

Quick and simple - flip the switch behind the west wall to deactivate the flametrap on the north wall. Then flip the switch on the south ledge to activate the lever which opens the hall leading to the Orcs.

The Orc hall contains several Orcs and the last one coughs up the GOLD KEY which you can use to drop the wall at the end of this hall to access the rest of the level. There is also a Health Potion in this area.

Once the wall is down you can head south to a 2-room chamber. The first room is trapped with spears which shoot from the sides. You can either walk slowly then back-up fast when you hear them launch or run non-stop right through them. The final room contains an Antidote and a lever in the north alcove.

Orcs and High Priestesses are warping in all over this large room. Kill them as fast as you can so they can't double-up on you. One final High Priestess is lurking down the hall past the corner with the lift.

In the first room at the end of the hall is Silver Sword on a ledge across from where you enter. Getting it is easy but you must run quickly back across this room to avoid a deadly spear trap which launches as soon as you leave this ledge. You can now reenter the room and save your game at the Skull hiding behind the north wall panel.

Head south to the small altar room. The west alcove will open when you activate the wall and a High Priestess will attack. Her death opens the east alcove with the switch that activate the lift back down the hall. This lift takes you to the upper level which is where you need to go next.

This hall circles around to the back where there is a Pentagram on the floor and a very nice SECRET which consists of the Rocket Launcher and some Crowns.

When the lift arrives you can get the Antidote to the east and explore the circular hall to the north. Finally, make a running jump across the gap to the right-most area. A Red Save Skull is to the east and a ledge directly south has the RED KEY. There is also a Healing and Antidote in this room. Make a return jump back to the north then move over one room to the west and jump back across. Get the Silver Sword before using the Red Key to open the door and continue.

This series of halls is heavily trapped. Each alcove at the end of each hall contains hidden arrow traps with an infinite supply of arrows. These traps are triggered whenever you step on one of the many skeleton lying about these halls. There is a Health in a chest in the south alcove which also triggers an arrow trap. These traps are easily dodged, but it is a good idea not to stay around this area too long. Exit to the NW as soon as you can.

As you enter this area of the map from the SW corner, don't miss the Antidote high on the ledge to the left. Head east to the next room and do a running jump across. A pair of High Priestesses will warp in ahead and behind you so be careful. Continue one room to the east and jump back across where you will find a ledge with a lever. Pull the lever to lower the wood lift behind you. Jump back out onto the lift to lower down into a new section of the lower level.

The final area of this map opens back out into the first area with all the columns where you had all those battles earlier. A short passage leads north (hall on map is stretched for graphical reasons) to a pair of SECRET rooms. The first room holds the Jet Spell, Health and Antidote while the second room below contains Arc of Power, Fireball, Magic Warhammer and some Crowns. This second room is protected by an arrow trap, so use the small alcove to the side to hide in until the arrows have all gone by.

When you have finished raiding the secret treasure rooms you can return to the main hall and take the lift which exits this level.

This first area is guarded by several skeletons but you will find Blunderbuss, Silver Sword, Healing, and a Coin in the various alcoves and the chest. Make a note of the northern most alcove as this is the destination of several teleporters scattered about this level. You will be back...

Drop down to this area and kill the pair of Orcs. Then flip the pair of switches to open the gates and free the skeleton. When the skeleton dies a ghost will appear and when you kill him you will get the RED KEY. Don't forget to raid the chest for some Buckshot and Razorspell, but watch out for the trap and open it from the side. Pull the lever in the skeleton's cell to activate the Teleport back to the top.

At this time you can go up and use the Red Key to unlock the Red Lever now, or you can wait until you come back via another teleporter later in the level. Either way, your next destination is the lift to the south of the chasm. Drop down a few large steps and kill the skeletons who either appear or are waiting for you, then open the wall and ride the lift down to the next lever.

This is the last area you will pass through on Level 4. Once you have the Gold Key and can open the door you will enter this hall and kill some skeletons. Take the hidden passage to the south and climb up to the switch and get a "preview" of the firetrap pattern. Once you learn the sequence of the flamejets you can retrace your steps and enter the lower hall.

You can get Speed and Anti-Magic by jumping into each of the small alcoves to the west. If you have an Icy Cool charm, then now would be the time to use it. Ultimately, your goal is to reach the lift at the southern most portion of the map and head to the next level.

When the lift reaches the bottom, prepare to battle a pair of Orcs. When you arrive at the pit near the end of the hall you will need to diagonally jump to the south ledge and flip the lever to open the north wall. Then you need to flip the lever on the west ledge. This will open the west wall but will also unleash a terrible arrow trap. Line up for a diagonal jump to the north entry then use the lever and quickly jump to the north doorway until the danger has past. Return to the west ledge and find a Silver Sword, Razorspell, and Healing plus the first Save Skull - USE IT!

When you reappear back out in the main chasm you will note a small ledge leading to the left. Take it around to a gate which opens into some well lit passages. There are 3 levers in these halls but you only want to flip the Gold lever in the NW corner. The other two will unleash deadly firetraps which are nearly impossible to survive. Flipping the gold lever summons the floating platform which you can now ride to the other side of the pit.

When the platform first arrives on the other side go forward and pull the lever. A pair or Orcs approach from the outside ledge. Kill them and another pair come out of the previous room from a hidden side chamber. Take the Healing and Antidote then head NW and drop down to the next ledge.

A pair of skeletons attack from the door behind you. Kill them then enter the area to the east (shown as light-green on the map). A giant spider warps in from the small alcove to the south. A fireball takes him out fast. Flip the lever in the north section of the large circular room to move a wall allowing you access to the huge crypt beyond.

Enter the crypt and fight several ghosts - use the Silver Sword if you've got it - then flip the lever in the very back of the room. Watch the animation to see the first part of a major secret being revealed. You should have collected Healing, Jetspell, Razorspell, and some Coins during your battle with the undead.

Return back to the T-intersection just past where you killed the first spider and turn left. As you head south a wall opens behind you and another giant spider starts spitting poison and coming at you. When he is dead and you have looted his lair for several Healing Potions and a Coin you can head back south to the small alcove on the left and flip the final lever to reveal the rest of the major SECRET. There is also a Silver Sword out on the ledge to the south.

There are two ways to get to this secret, the way the designers want you to or the easy way. No matter which method you choose, you should go save at the Red Skull on the north ledge which should have appeared by now. Your target destination is the ledge in the NW corner of the pit. You can either follow the ledges around counter-clockwise and risk dying on that collapsing checkerboard ledge OR you can try this.

Start your character back by the second switch which revealed the rest of the secret. Now start running towards where the spider surprised you and turn left running towards the Red Skull. Angle towards the left and jump from the very edge of the end of this ledge at a 45 degree angle towards the ledge below. If you have built up enough speed you will do a mid-air flip and land on the ledge below. Now you can raid the SECRET in the corner which consists of; Flamelance, Ankh of Vitality and a Save Skull.

Walk back south to the ledge (the one marked with an L on the map) and activate the lift. The entire ledge will sink down to the next level (and next map).

When the lift arrives, enter the passage to the west. Turn at the first right and flip the lever in the right alcove then head south. The long passage east has a Silver Sword tempting you at the end and a deadly spider is waiting to surprise you if you go for it. Head south and run quickly into the southern most alcove to avoid the firetrap triggered by the floorplate. Flip the lever in here to get access to the next area. Grab the Health to your left before exiting.

When you drop into this area don't miss the Antidote back behind you under the overhang. There are some Crowns in the northern alcove and a Rocket Launcher in the west alcove hidden behind a SECRET wall panel. The door down the steps leading east is opened by remote lever elsewhere on this level.

There is a double drop down to the ledge with the lever. When you make the first drop, enter the door to the north and kill the pair of Orcs. The east wall of this small room opens into a SECRET crypt. Kill the Ghosts and you should exit this secret area with Jetspell, Crowns and Healing. Now drop down to the lower ledge and flip the lever, then ride the platform to the other side.

This circular hall has the lever in the back which opens that locked door back by those steps. You should also find Buckshot and Health in here. A Red Save Skull appears on the ledge as you leave. The next save is much later in the game so I recommend spending the 5 gold to save here.

Ride the platform back and make your way up the two steep steps then make your way around and down the stairs and into the next section beyond the now-open door.

When you reach the crossroads a skeleton should appear on the ledge ahead of you. Turn and go south and enter the small room to flip the lever. The floor down the hall behind you will collapse and be replace by a firm wooden floor which will allow you to safely get the Ankh of Vitality. Now head out and face that skeleton.

Take the skeleton out with your favorite projectile weapon (I find the rocket launcher produces a nice explosion of bones). Then jump out onto the green ledge and flip that lever along the south wall. Jump back to the previous ledge and head north. Drop down once then study the situation.

There are two levers below and some rockets on the high ledge across from you. To get the rockets, drop down and flip the lever on the west surface. Quickly climb back up and wait for the stone slab to come sliding out. When it slides out far enough, run across it and jump over to get the Rockets. When the slab has retracted back into the wall JUMP back to the lower ledge. Do NOT walk off as there is a narrow gap which you will fall through.

NOTE: If you do fall anywhere in this portion of the level and manage to survive, there is a passage which leads out of the pit. It is shown on the map as a blue L-shaped hall. This is greatly simplified as there are two lifts and many twists and turns required to get back to the top of the pit. You will also have to fight a couple of skeletons along the way. When the final lift reaches the top, you will be back out at the main chasm across the pit in the SE corner. Simply drop down to the "lever ledge" then climb the two big steps to get back on the right path and retry this room again.

Now flip the lever on the north wall which locks the slab in place then flip the west lever again and get on the floating platform. Ride it across and hop off onto the ledge to the east before the platform goes into the wall. Straight ahead is a false wall which hides a SECRET room with an Icy Cool which you will probably need to get out of this level. Drop down a few more ledges and enter the final area of this map.

This final room has Crowns, Coins, Health and the GOLD KEY. A Red Save Skull sits on a ledge on the far side of this chamber. I recommend using it as there isn't another save for the rest of this level and there are some deadly encounters still ahead.

Once you get the Gold Key, the Teleporter will activate and you can use it to warp back to the top of this chasm level. Then it's just a short trip to the Gold Door. NOTE: If you didn't use the Red Key earlier when you first found it, then make SURE to use it on your way to the Gold Door or the ceiling will collapse and you will die!

This entire portion of the map can be summed up in 4 words. STAY ON THE WALL! At least for as long as you can, otherwise you may have to face the first T-Rex ahead of schedule. Save your game at the first crossroads then turn south. In the alcove to the south is a switch and a Speed Potion. Dodge the two sliding wall segments to get the Anti-Magic from the west ledge. The branch to the east ends at a chest with a Healing Potion.

The wall to the north should be open (if you flipped that switch) and you can get a good running start to make the jump to the next section of wall. The path to the east leads to Bombs and the Arc of Power. Return to the west and make the jump into the next area. Flip the switch to open the passage back to the north and grab the Crown. Jump back out to the wall and head north through the now-open passage.

You should circle around to an opening with Rockets, Warding, and Greater Razorspell but watch out for the big firetrap on the west wall which will be triggered as soon as you make a move toward these items. The passage ends at the lift which will take you to the ground floor.

Note: If you fall off of the wall at any time, you can always return to the top of the wall using the lift in the NW corner.

This section is one of two traps you can use to easily defeat the T-Rex without having to actually fight him. Once you have Mr. Rex's attention let him chase you into this area. Run over the wood floor and hit the lever to spring the trap. Assuming you didn't outrun the T-Rex, he should be right behind you and now on his way to a firey death below. One down! Don't miss out on the big SECRET on the west wall right by the lever. Inside is the Red Spirit Sword; the only weapon which can defeat Agrash. There is also a Healing Potion in this area. A Save Skull is around the corner to preserve your victory.

This section is one of two traps you can use to easily defeat the T-Rex without having to actually fight him. Once you have Mr. Rex's attention let him chase you into this area. When you go around the final corner flip the lever to shut the gate and activate the flames. Mr. Rex is too big to turn around in the narrow hall, and he will soon be nothing more than BBQ ribs.

There is a SECRET here which contains a Speed Potion, Icy Cool and Warding.

This central area has a chest with Anti-Magic and Coins.

A Healing Potion is along the east wall.

There are several items scattered along the north wall of this entire area. You should find Crowns, Razorspell, Venom Sword and Speed Potion in three separate locations.

This area is accessed by opening the Red Skull gate using the Red Key you should have gotten when you killed the second T-Rex. The passage winds around until you reach a locked gate. Trying to open the gate triggers a nasty Witch which attacks from behind. Kill her then flip the lever inside her small alcove to open the gate behind you. Make sure to get the Healing Potion before leaving.

The lift arrives at the top and you are immediately attacked by a pair of witches. When they are dead, the big guy himself; Agrash, appears. He cannot be harmed by fire or explosive weapons or spells so use that Red Spirit Sword and get in close for some old-fashion physical combat. You can use the Arc of Power for distance attacks if you can ever line up a clear shot.

Use the various levels to your advantage. I often wait at the top of the lift and when you hear the lift activate you "know" he is coming up and you can start beating on him before he has a chance to step off the platform. During the course of combat you may find the Healing and Warding in the north upper tier usefull and I'm sure you won't mind using the Ankh of Vitality located in the south upper tier.

Agrash will regenerate one more time after you defeat him. When you have killed him the second time you will have completed this huge and deadly level known as the PIT!

This first room has a Save Skull and a lift in the center of the room. The two levers shown on the map are both below you, so ride the lift down and flip the north lever. The other lever which has skulls on stakes to each side of it will ignite a very deadly flametrap, so don't mess with it. The north lever will extend the drawbridge back up top but only for a very short time. Ride the lift back up and run across the bridge.

Several knights with swords and crossbows greet you in the next room. When they are all dead you can take the lift below where 4 chests are stashed; one along each wall. This room is a very deadly trap and here's how it works.

As soon as the lift starts to descend the needles on the gages start to rise. You have just enough time to open 2 chests and get back on the lift before this room is filled with fire and you die. The chests contain Silver Sword, Ankh of Vitality, Magic Warhammer, Bombs, and Razor Spells. Of course if you are greedy and want the items from all four chests and you happen to have an Icy Cool charm then activate the charm as you step off the lift. Raid all four chests, and when the fire has subsided you can step into the teleporter which activates in the center of the room and takes you back up top.

More knights guard the chest in the room which contain Healing, Antidote and the GOLD KEY. Exit to the NW on your first trip through here. The NE door leads to a small room with some Healing and a teleporter which exits this level.

The first room has more knights and a central chamber with the Red Key which is locked up tight. The NW corner opens into another room with a lift in the NW corner and a SECRET alcove in the NE corner which has a Venom Sword hiding inside. Ride the NW lift down to the lower level. You will return via the central shaft when you are finished below.

A Save Skull is waiting for you when the lift reaches the bottom. The SE door leads to the bottom of the shaft containing the Red Key, but it is locked and requires the Silver Key. Head out into the large open area and kill the poisonous spiders who lurk in these parts. Take the Healing they leave behind.

Make your way to the southern structure and open the Gold Gate to get the SILVER KEY. Return to the shaft with the locked Silver Gate and open it to claim the Venom Sword and the RED KEY. You will actually get the key at the top of the shaft. You are now ready to exit this level.

This first area has lots to do. The Save Skull starts things off then head to the NE. Notice the rubble on the ground here. This marks a collapsing floor which will crumble in a little bit. Continue to the pit where a T-Rex is pacing down below. You can toss 4-6 bombs into the pit and kill him now - not very sporting, but it works - or ignore him and continue. Press the gold switch to lower a lift down over the pit. Jump over onto the lift and ride it up to get the first SECRET of this map - the Warding Charm.

Ride back down and circle the pit and head to the flat wall to the north. Open it to find the next SECRET; Strength and 3 Coins. Activating this secret also activates the lift in the pit which will bring Mr. Rex to your level (assuming you didn't kill him while he was defensless). While he is roaring you can start to run around him back to the start of this map. As you cross over the area with the rubble the panels will collapse creating a huge pit with spikes below. The T-Rex will fall to his death, and you can continue this level by entering the door back by the start.

A pair of knights attack as soon as you enter this room. A Red Knight attacks from a hidden east alcove and when he is dead you can flip the lever to open the north doors leading to the courtyard.

The large courtyard offers some minor challenges. To the SW are two wall panels which open to reveal some War Pigs. Other War Pigs will be tossed down from above and you need to avoid these as they do considerable damage. Some more Knights are also in this area and they will attack. See if you can lead them into the path of the War Pigs.

The NW door opens into a large room with a pair of knights and a single Red Knight guarding an Ankh of Vitality and Healing. The entire floor in this area is very unstable and only the stone-colored areas will remain. Try to run in one continuous circle to get the items and get out before the floor falls away.

The flat wall surface to the SE of the courtyard opens to provide an exit from this area.

A Save Skull greets you as the SE wall slides away. To the south is a switch which deactivates a firetrap in the small room containing the RED KEY and Buckshot. Use this key at the other end of the hall to continue.

In this next large room are some chests which contain Healing and Strength and more Knights who attack. The central floor should fall away making a nice pit you can force many of these Knights into. The lift in the NW corner takes you to the next level.

The hall leading to the NW has a few Knights guarding the lever that opens the south door in the previous room. They will offer up a Healing Potion when they die.

The main room which consists of a wide balcony overlooking the room below, has several chests which contain; Starspell, Healing, and a Magic Warhammer. Kill the Knights and raid the chests before exiting to the south.

This is a deadly room with one slip sending you to your death. I highly recommend using the Red Save Skull back at the corner, south of this area. The central platform flips vertical then goes flat. You need to time it just right so you can jump out to the center while it's flat then quickly jump off to either ledge to the left or right. You need to flip the levers on both ledges to open the wall to the north. And to make things even more challenging; the ledges with the levers will collapse after a few moments so you MUST flip those levers and get off fast.

When both levers have been flipped you can jump back to the center and then to the north ledge. The east wall of this area should now be gone granting you access to the hall leading the the lift out of this area.

You start this level on top of some rafters. Each rafter is a standing jump if you jump diagonally from beam to beam. Your main goal is the long East-West passage to the north which you can reach by jumping north then east so you end up to the north of the bottomless pit. You may want to make a quick sidetrip to the SE corner to claim the Silver Sword from the south edge of the pit. A Red Knight will warp in to attack when you pick up this weapon. There are some Bombs and Buckshot to the NW as you make your jumps across the wooden beams.

This hall is full of coffins, and the Ghosts will attack in large numbers. Use the Silver Sword to get rid of them in just a few strokes; otherwise, things could get dangerous. Grab the Firefly Spell before taking the lift down.

This large room has several doors on the various walls. A large lift will riseup in the south wall and a Giant Green Hand will attack. You can either kill him with the Warhammer or lead him across one of the two large pits in the center of this room. The hand is rather fun to watch, so walk/run backwards if you can and enjoy his humourous gestures.

The west wall opens later after you find and push 3 gold buttons located around this level. The small passage to the south leads to an upper hall where there is one such button. The other two buttons are located behind doors in the north and east walls. Complete each room in whatever order you wish. The right door on the north wall opens to a lift and an Ankh of Vitality.

This room has walls to the east and west which will slide back revealing Knights who are looking for a fight. The east room has a lever which opens the secret panel back in the center room which gives you access to the Gold Button.

Several Knights guard the long hall leading north. The hall gets dark near the top so use a Firefly to light your way and find the SECRET panel with the Magic Warhammer in the north wall. Pull up to the ledge on the east and go until you can pull up to another ledge to the south. Walk down this long hall leading south and kill more knights. The passage turns west at the end and leads to another Gold Switch and a lift which takes you back to the main room. Watch out for the collapsing floor as you exit.

There is much to do in this small area. The lift brings you into a hall where you are already under attack by a Knight. Use a Firefly spell to light the dark side passage that contains a switch to open the gate at the end of the hall. This frees another knight and gives you access to a Health Potion.

A small stone slab allows you to climb to the top of the hall leading back east, but there are several flame traps which you must first deactivate. Jump to the west into the small window overlooking the elevator shaft that brought you down from the rafters and flip the switch here to turn off the flamejets. Jump back and head down the narrow passage. A ledge will swing down allowing you to flip the Gold Button. You can then drop down to the lift below and head back to the main room. Watch out for more knights who materialize after you flip that Gold Button.

You start this map in a long hall. As you pass through the first arch you are suddenly surrounded by giant insects. Then the floor collapses sending you sliding into a large web below. Beyond the web are two large nesting areas with many eggs around the outer perimeter. These eggs will hatch and send more hungry insect warriors your way.

After you survive the first two rooms you get a small reward in the third. Two pod-like chests contain Antidote, Flamethrower, and Dragon Bile. Head down the long passage to the NE and watch out for flying red insects - they are very poisonous and quick, but they are also very easily killed. If your health allows it; save the Antidote until you reach the end of this passage and cure all the poison with a single vial of serum.

After the slide and the Red Save Skull, you will come to a right turn. The wall directly ahead conceals a Health and Dragon Bile for your flamethrower. Continue on into the next room and kill all insects and clean out all the treasure pods to get the Warding and more Dragon Bile. The concealed room to the north has a false wall to the west which opens into the next area.

This room contains more insects and more pods which contain Healing and Buckshot. Flip the switch and slide down the exit when you have finished up in here.

The passage splits. The left passage leads to a SECRET and a few items including; Antidote, Buckshot and Jet Spell. Watch out for the collapsing floor near the buckshot. The right passage leads to a Save Skull along with a Jet Spell and Venom Sword tucked away in the side alcoves. A long slide drops you into the lower hall with more insects. Follow the hall around, killing all insects and continue until you reach the T-intersection.

This circular passage meets at the opposite side but the right passage will trigger a stepping block a bit later in the level. You will see a small animation when this happens. Don't take the slide down until you have seen the block slide out. You may want to use the Save Skull before sliding down the west passage.

This small room has many insects. A purple force field blocks your exit to the south and a small alcove just north of your entrance and back to the west hides a pod with Flamelance, Fireball, and Razor Spells. Take the NE passage to continue...

This is the SECRET area you can access with the step you triggered back in the circular hall. Climb up into this chamber and kill the insect guarding the Flamelance, then drop down and continue.

This long hall is rather dangerous. Several section of floor will collapse and you will have to jump from ledge to ledge. A steam vent will make one of the ledges extra dangerous but a valve on the south wall of the first ledge will turn the steam off. You will not be able to turn off the steam for your return trip, so you will have to time the jump more carefully or use the Warding charm when coming back down this hall.

The passage splits again, but both directions lead to the same destination; the Spider Lair. A small alcove to the north of the Spider Lair entrance contains several vials of Antidote which you will almost certainly need in a few minutes.

When you enter the lair you will notice several force fields in various corners of the room. These are all deactivated by killing an equal number of Giant Spiders which will drop out of the ceiling and spit poison at you. Some force fields also contain flying insects which you will also need to deal with. The lever in the south alcove will deactivate that purple force field a few rooms back. This is your main goal, but you may as well raid the pod-chests in the various corners to collect a bunch of Healing Potions.

This large pit can be crossed by flipping the two levers in the alcoves just prior to this room. Don't miss the Healing and Antidote in the south alcove. Then quickly run to the pit and jump to the two stone slabs which will slide to the center of the room. They are only there for a few seconds so you must be quick. If you fall you can climb out of the pit, but you will take considerable damage.

The room just prior to the Queen's chamber has a very unstable floor. The entire perimeter will collapse and the only safe square is in the very center. The hall to the north has two alcoves, and you can get the Rocket Launcher, Rockets, and Buckshot before dealing with the Queen. Don't be fooled by the force field - just use your "action" key to turn it off and enter like any other door.

Don't go too far inside. Instead, use your 1st-person view command and look up towards the stalactites on the ceiling. While aiming using this view, fire off several rounds from your rocket launcher to send the stone spikes of death falling into the Queen below. She should be dead by the time you clear them all from the ceiling. Return to the entrance hall to find a teleporter which will take you to the next level.

When you start this level you can take the lift up and clean out the NE corner. There are several Orcs and some Bombs and Healing. The east passage has several steep steps down to a lower level with more Orcs and Healing. To the south is the large maze.

The east half of the maze is pretty worthless. There are lots of Orcs and you will only find a few Healing Poitons and Buckshot to the north and along the far east wall.

The large west half of the maze has considerable things to do and get. Bombs and a Coin are the first things you will find as you enter this half of the maze. The lower hall to the north has more Healing and another Coin and the teleporter returns you to the maze. The hooked passage to the south leads to a Save Skull. Panels will open on either side of this hall freeing some Orcs. When they are defeated you can collect several Coins and Buckshot.

Continue to the west and head under the bridge. Watch out for sniper fire from the ledges above and continue into the short hall to the west. Ride the lift up and kill the Orc and claim the RED KEY, Coin, and Healing. Now you can make you way back past the starting point of this map and head to the red door.

Once through this door, you will be on a long bridge. You are now at fighting level with those snipers so kill them with spells or range weapons. Continue into the next room and drop off the bridge to the floor below. Kill the Orcs running around this room then get all the Grenades and the Grenade Launcher from under the bridge. The teleporter along the west wall will put you back on the bridge.

Follow the passage around killing anything that gets in your way. You will soon arrive at a T-intersection with the GOLD KEY. The slides to the north and east will send you back to the maze, but I recommend just going back the way you came across the bridge. Your next goal is the gold gate near the start.

This final section of the top level can only be finished after you haved claimed the Silver Key from the lower levels of the sewer. There is a rather nasty battle near the end of this level, so using the Save Skull in the east wall would be beneficial. To open the wall panel you need to flip the east lever in the north T-intersection. Do NOT touch the west lever or you will get torched by a nice flametrap.

Head down the hall to the west. The room is loaded with enemies and more will warp in. Kill them all and grab any Healing they leave behind. The final Shaman will warp in at the end of the battle and fire lightning bolts at you - very much like the High Priestesses. Use the same strategy on this guy - get in close and use your deadliest blade on him. He will fall in 6-8 hits with a magic sword. Pull the lever at the end of the hall to exit.

The large lift arrives at a T-junction. You ultimate goal is to get the Silver Key, and all possible paths will take you there. Orcs are scattered all about this lower level. Kill them fast so they can't gang-up on you.

Items of interest in this area include; Healing, located in the SE corner of these passages, a VERY deadly trap in the SW corner of these halls, and Star Spells being guarded by a pair of red insect warriors in the top passage leading east. A pit in the NW junction will drop you to the lower level, but there are easier ways to get down there. Across the pit to the west is a lift that will take you down. This level's only SECRET consists of the switch behind the force field that lowers the lift to the bottom level.

This area has two important rooms. The NE room has 3 switches which all open important doors leading to the Medusa Lair. You can also get a Coin and Silver Sword from this room which will prove very handy in about 60 seconds.

The second room is the crypt which naturally has lots of coffins and ghosts which will appear when you open them. Make sure to use that Silver Sword to kill these guys fast. Opening the coffins also produces several items you can add to your inventory including; Healing, Bombs, Star Spell and Strength.

The hall ramps down to the lower level. The Save Skull in the corner will appear later if it's not there on your first trip through this passage.

The corner with the lift contains a Red Save Skull and a Healing Potion. The room to the north is very tricky. Insects patrol the lower floor and a series of stone blocks are jumping distance apart. Healing, Anti-Magic Charms, and a Coin are all available for the taking. Jumping across the stone blocks triggers arrow traps from the side walls, so you have to keep moving. Jumping onto the last block will cause it to sink to ground level where you will be face to face with those insects. When you have cleaned out this room you can climb out of the pit and leave.

This first room has two side chambers with switches you need to flip to open the center passage. Insect warriors will offer some minor resistance and you should get some Healing in this room. A very necessary Save Skull is in the center hall - USE IT!

The Medusa Lair is dark and terrifying. You will hear the snake women before you see them. Use a Firefly to light the maze and start hunting these monsters. There are two green snake women and a red one. The red Medusa can turn you to STONE just by looking at you. If you see her and she launches her Gaze Weapon at you, run like crazy in the opposite direction. You can outrun the spell - just don't stop running until you hear the sound stop.

Anti-Magic charms are a good defense against her deadly stone spell, and remember that the Venom Sword is the most effective weapon in your arsenal against these evil serpents.

When all 3 Medusa are dead you will have access to the treasure vaults on the east and west walls. There are also many Health, Anti-Magic Charms, and Antidotes stashed along the alcoves in the perimeter walls.

The west vault has the SILVER KEY, Silver Sword, Ankh of Vitality and Jet Spell. The east vault is a virtual arsenal containing; Flamethrower, Dragon Bile, Anti-Magic, Coin, and Strength. The secret panel to the east opens into a secondary vault containing Firelance, Rocket Launcher, Rockets, Buckshot, and Grenades.

Once you have collected enough weapons and ammo to take over a small country, you can now head back upstairs with your Silver Key to finish the Sewer level.

You start this level in a trench. Kill the rats then climb out and scramble for cover in the next trench. More rats are down here, so kill them too. Climb out and quickly get behind the cannons to avoid their fire. Continue across the battlefield to the next trench. More rats are in the trench and a pair of rats with grenade launchers are on two platforms to the north. Try to aim using your 1st-person view and take them out with the rocket launcher. Even if you get close, they should explode. Now you can jump over the trench and pick up the Grenades and Grenade Launcher they left behind.

Drop back into the trench and kill any rat-resistance then take the west lift down. A giant rat ogre guards the chest in this room. They are hard to kill so use some heavy firepower like the Firelance. Open the chest to find the RED KEY and some Health. Return to the trench and take the east lift.

The lift takes you to the next room with a SECRET room to the north containing a Coin and Healing. A pair of rat ogres are ready to ambush you when you take the east passage, so be ready. The hall wraps around to a pair of lifts. The furthest lift has a vertical row of flamejets that will turn you to ash before you reach the top. The lift on the left is the one you want, but it is also trapped. The ceiling is full of spikes so you need to walk north to get off the lift before it reaches the top. Another lift will complete the journey to the overlook area.

This is a very strategic location. From here you can use your grenade or rocket launcher to take out the rats in several towers. Directly beneath you is a rat guarding the SILVER KEY. Dropping a bomb down on him should blow him out of the tower. Remove all other rat sentries either from up here or down on the tower with the silver key.

When it is all clear, drop to the ground and head to the SW corner where a Save Skull is down in a pit. Watch out when you get close to the walls of the rat towers. Many have flame jets on the sides which are hard to spot until you are on fire. Take out any other rats in the towers with the grenade launcher before heading north to the final trench.

This wide trench has several rat guards below watching over the GOLD KEY. There are three bridges over this trench, but the center one is heavily mined. You can drop into the trench and kill the rats with your sword, or stay up top and lob grenades or bombs at them. If you do go into the pit you can either climb out or take the hidden passage which leads north to a T-junction. More rat guards are in in this room ready to take the lifts up top to fight. You can kill them then take the lift yourself.

By now you should have all 3 keys so you can exit to the lift in the center of the north wall.

The war on this next battlefield is mainly fought underground. The Save Skull greets you as you enter this area. Walk into the first foxhole and use your "action" command to warp to the roof of the SE bunker where a SECRET Warding is waiting for you.

Drop down from the roof and kill the rat inside the bunker with a grenade or the Blunderbuss. One well-placed grenade will kill these rats before they can even fight back. Repeat this procedure with the other three bunkers, and make sure to avoid the landmines scattered about the battlefield. You can also take out the rat in the central bunker to the north so you won't have to deal with him later in the tunnels.

Your next target is the central foxhole with the lever next to it. Pulling the lever brings down an elevator from the ceiling into the foxhole. Get on and take a ride to the hall above which leads to the east and a winding ramp down to the tunnels below the battlefield.

After the wall has been lowered you may then advance on the Command Center. The roof of this structure has rocket launchers which will target you quickly. Keep moving and circle around to the right, behind the structure. You will find a crate you can use to get up onto the roof. The roof is heavily mined so stay near the hole leading into the Command Center and drop a few bombs down to clear out the rats who are gathering to ambush you.

When it is safe, drop down and clean-up any rats who remain, then raid the bunker for Healing, Razor Spell and Strength. Head down the passage to the north to find the lift that takes you to the Lair of the Rat King.

There isn't much to do in the Trench Tunnels except to kill a bunch of rats and rat ogres and find the Healing Potions in the large room before entering the tunnels and in the Security Bunker. Your primary object is to make your way to the lift that rises up into the Security Bunker and flip the switch that lowers that big wall back on the battlefield.

If you note the location of the five lifts on the tunnel map, you will notice that they overlay perfectly with the bunkers on the previous map. The Security Bunker is the middle bunker to the far north. If you kill the bunker rats while on the battlefield then you don't need to even worry about the other four lifts.

There are plenty of rat warriors in the halls and several others will pop out of secret compartments at the corners of the long ramp leading down to this area. Watch out for the rat ogre when fighting him in the TNT room. He will try to explode the crates and take you out in the blast.

You can leave these tunnels after you have found the Security Bunker and flipped the switch and seen the animation of the wall being lowered.

The lift drops you off at a Save Skull. The next room has four levers you must flip to open the west passage and a rat ogre who wants to challenge you. The room to the west resembles an attic and there is a Healing tucked away in the corner.

The next T-junction leads to the same sinking wall to the far west which lowers into the pit with the giant lizard. The collapsing floor on the south passage drops you onto a lift which you can activate to rise up into a SECRET room with a Speed Potion and a teleport which will return you to the top. Watch out for the firetrap which guards this secret.

The best strategy for killing the giant lizard is to get in the NW door and shoot rockets or grenades at him. He will probably retreat down the SE passage, but he will eventually return and you can kill him without ever taking a single hit. Head down the SE tunnel when he is dead.

The maze of tunnels is pretty easy to navigate (even without my map). Feel free to explore all the passages and kill anything you find. There is no treasure in this area so you would be going for a perfect kill score only. Your objective is the tunnel leading west which is clearly marked with grey stone columns on either side of the entrance. This hall bends around into a diamond shaped room and another giant lizard will either be in this room or the tunnel leading into it.

You can either fire rockets or grenades to kill this guy, or if you are feeling daring you can lead him in a chase around the maze and back into the diamond shaped room where you can pull one of the levers to open a spiked pit trap and kill him that way. There are two such pits, so if you are feeling REALLY daring, you can try to kill both giant lizards this way.

This final series of rooms is one big battle. When you enter the first room there will be sniper rats on the north and south ledges. Run through the room and take either side ramp up to their level and deal with them one at a time. The steel door opens into a middle room with another rat and a Save Skull.

The next room has 4 columns and an upper tier and lots and lots of rats. These rats will keep warping in for a long time. The best strategy is to get 4 or 5 of them to follow you back down the hall. Run out into the previous room and turn and fire a rocket into the hall taking them all out. You will probably have to do some hand-to-hand combat and the Warding in the NE corner of this room will be useful in surviving their attack.

When the last rat has fallen the door will open into the throne room and the King Rat will approach. He wields a large club and should not be taken lightly. A few good smacks with that thing and you will be restoring your game. The good news is that he moves very slowly, so you can easily stay out of striking distance of the club and take him out with rockets, grenades or any magical sword you choose. His death gives you a Health Potion and access to the lever which ends this level.

Kill the rats in this first circular passage and collect the Blunderbuss and Buckshot before taking the lift down. Use the Save Skull then enter the room to the east.

Rat guards and rat ogres will attack. Several barrels hide a chest along the east wall which contains a Coin. The L-shaped room to the west contains a SECRET with Buckshot.

The RED KEY is heavily guarded by many rats. You should get some Healing while in this hall. Watch out for the rat with the grenade launcher when you enter the north room with the Red Gate. Kill him fast then take his Grenades and Healing. Exit through the Red Gate to the north bridge.

The central square in this area features a floor trap which you can disarm by pull the levers to the north and south of it. This makes the floor safe to walk on, and you can get the Grenades. The rat-infested side passage will get you safely to the opposite side, but watch out for the nasty rat ogre hiding in the side alcove. You should find some Healing and a Grenade Launcher in this area. Exit to the north when ready.

The bridge leading to this next area has several flamejets. A running leap with a flip should allow you to clear this trap with minimal damage. Make use of the Save Skull and see how many rat ogres you can kill through the window. Enter their room to the west when ready and clean up any leftovers, then raid the chest for Bombs, Fireball and Starspell before using the door to the north.

The next hall is a mess of rats. Back yourself into an alcove and open fire with the Flamelance or Blunderbuss. They will eventually all die, but it takes a while. Continue around to the east then head into the room to the south. There is a Health Potion in this room and a SECRET room is back by the fireplace to the south. It contains a Flamelance. Enter the lift through the west wall and ride to the next level.

Exit the lift and follow the rat-infested hall around to the SECRET wall in the center of the north wall. It contains; Coin, Buckshot, Bomb, and Health and many more rats will attack from behind when you take these items. Continue around to the south and enter the crypt.

Many ghosts will attack so arm your silver sword and start hacking. If you don't have the silver sword then you can find one in the hidden room to the west. Watch out for the spear trap that fires whenever you walk in the center of this room. Claim the Silver Sword, Strength, Fireball, and Healing and kill all the ghosts to open the exit.

Head down the east passage and cross the bridge. Use the Save Skull then take the lift to the next level.

The lift brings you up to a hall where you get your first glimpse of the Silver Key. Head straight across that hall and kill the rat ogres in the room that leads to the next hall leading south. Get the Healing and Warding then head out to the Save Skull on the bridge.

Enter the next area and deal with the rats in each of the four side alcoves. The SW lever open the NW alcove where another rat guards the gold switch that opens the southern door to the lift.

The lift brings you up to the next level and a T-intersection. To the left is a passage you can use to get to the chest with the Arc of Power and Healing. Do not enter the gate or you will have to face the indestructible Imp in the giant boot. The passage to the right of the lift continues to a collapsing floor which you can cross to get to the lift. If you fall, you will land in the SE alcove of the previous map section and you can just take the lift back up.

The center alcove in the south contains Strength and Warding and the small room to the NW has a chest with Fireball and Dragon Bile. Take the north passage to the next area where you will find Healing, Flamelance and Warding and the lift that leads back to the east passage at the first intersection of this entire level.

Exit the lift and take the bridge to the east. Save at the skull then open the door. A rat will greet you at the door. He may even run out and fall of the side in his excitement. The first path to your right ends in a DEADLY teleport trap. Stay out! The passage to the left ends in a hall of ghosts who guard a SECRET chest containing Strength and Healing.

Back out to the main hall, you once again have a choice of two directions. NE leads to a dead end with some rats wielding shotguns, while the SE path leads to at least 6 or more rats. Kill them all then find the hidden lift in the NE corner and ride it down.

You will return to this area via a teleport to the central floor which will no longer collapse. You will exit this room after taking the GOLD KEY and you can get the Starspell and Buckshot from the small room across the way - the door will open now. Take the south lift to exit this part of the map.

This area is pretty simple. Follow the passage around to the gate that opens out to a ledge to the west. Flip the lever to activate the HINT back inside the hall. The chalk arrows point to the torch which is a vague clue as to what to do next. You must flip the switches in the same order as the number of torches. So you flip the switch with 1 torch first, then the switch with 2 torches gets flipped next, etc.

So basically, enter the next hall and flip the two switches (in the correct order) to open the door. The next room has a floor that will collapse if you do the switches in the wrong order. Flip the south switch then run to the north switch then exit to the east. This is on a timer, so be quick! The passage will wrap around to a dark room with a teleport which will return you to the previous map area with the gold key in the center.

The lift takes you to a pair of gold gates. The west gate takes you to a small treasure room with a chest containing Healing and Warding. The other gate leads to a series of passages that work their way around to the exit to the south. The switch in the northern hall will open a hidden panel that will send a Rock Monster charging at you. A second Rock Monster guards the exit and a third is near the collapsing floor panel. When all 3 beasts are dead the SECRET alcove will open back around the corner and you can get the Flamelance. Exit to the south and out to the next map.

As you cross over the bridge you will notice a white chalk arrow pointing off the edge of the walkway near the west junction. Follow the arrow and walk off the ledge to land on a platform hidden in the darkness. You can activate it to bring it level with the walkway. Get the Warding and Invisibility before continuing south. Note: The lift shown on the map to the east is a shortcut from the upper level down to here. It will not appear on this level unless you ride it down from above at a later time.

The gold gate opens into a room infested with many rat ogres. More will warp in during combat. You should be able to get another glimpse of that Silver Key which is still locked up behind bars. The switch on the west column will firm up the unstable floor under the Silver Key. Make sure you flip it before going through the concealed wall panel in the NE.

The passage wraps around to a pair of gate. The first gate is heavily trapped with rockets from behind, so use the gate off to the side to enter the next area. You can finally go through the west opening and get the SILVER KEY. Doing so drops a wall back to the east where more rats will attack.

The angled side passage leads SW to a small room with a pair of rats who guard a very important switch and Flamelance, Ankh of Vitality, Healing, and Warding. The switch lowers a large elevator (shown in a short animation) back behind the silver gate.

Go through the Silver Gate into the large room. The elevator should be on the ground floor, and chests are waiting in the north and west alcoves. After you've cleaned out those, get on the lift and flip the lever to go to the top. Rat snipers are located in opposite side ledges. Kill them and another pair warp into the remaining two ledges.

There are two ledges with doors and two ledges with switches. One ledge is marked with torches and this is the switch you need to flip first. You must flip both switches to open both doors, but they only stay open for a few seconds and the timer starts as soon as you flip the first lever. So there is a lot of jumping you are going to have to do. You can survive a fall but you will take much damage, so make sure you are at full health.

Behind one gate are some Rockets and the other gate blocks your way to the lever which disables the firetrap back down on the ground floor. This is really your only objective, so if you aren't good at jumping, or get stressed out by time limits, then flip this lever and return to the bottom and head through the south door. Continue south and take your first turtle ride.

Your turtle arrives at a docking bay with rats on either side. The Flamelance takes them out from a distance. Jump off to either side of the bay and look around. An Ankh is down below in the bottom of the docking bay, but if you go for it now it will be very hard to get back out.

Instead, go around to where the teleport is shown on the map and give the tapestry on the wall a pull. You will teleport to the docking bay - get the Ankh of Vitality - and warp back to the top. Do not pull the tapestry again as the return teleport will no longer work and you will be stuck in the bottom with the firetrap and no easy way out.

You can now head over to the east and kill a few rat ogres and claim the Strength and Firefly. Exit to the SW when you've finished in this area. Use the Save Skull in the next hall as things get dangerous real quick.

The switches shown on the map are actually tapestries which you will need to tug on to open doors, chests, etc. The chest in the center is actually considered a SECRET and consists of Firefly and Fireball. You will also find Healing, Speed, Bombs, and Strength in this portion of the map. The long passage that curves around has many rat ogres blocking your way. When you finally exit through the wall panel, pull the tapestry to open the door and head out across the bridge. Make sure to save.

This area is one of the trickiest on this level. Start off by fliping BOTH switches then running around to the teleporter to the NE. This warps you to the floor level where a gate will lead into the center arena with a giant Automaton. The door behind you leads to a special turtle ride which you can do now or later.

Open the gate and start shooting rockets or grenades at the automaton until he explodes. Then a bunch of the smaller automatons will come out of the south alcove. A single fireball usually takes them out. Make sure to get the Dragon Bile from this area after the battle is over. Cross over and flip the switch in the west alcove to warp to the other side of the wall to your north. You are now in that angled passage leading NE which ends at a door. Open the door and fight another pair of small automatons who guard another switch. Flip it to warp to the top tier.

The door behind you opens out onto a walkway leading to a pair of Fireball spells and the final battle arena. A side door opens into a SW passage leading to a Flamelance to the west and a SECRET stash of Rockets to the south.

This little sidetrip takes you to a small circular passage. The north route is heavily trapped with rockets. Go south and dodge the firejets as you enter. The first room has a chest with Buckshot and Bombs. Ignore the teleport for now and continue around to the back where you will find Healing, Buckshot, and Fireball. The switch disables that rocket trap back to the north. You can exit this area either way and take the teleport. It will return you to the upper tier of the Automaton Arena where you will find a switch that disables those purple force fields.

This last room is a major battle. When you enter a pair of rat guards will be firing on you from opposite ledges. If you have plenty of grenades or rockets then take them out with a spell or range weapon. If you are low on these items then you may want to take the lift down and raid the chests while dodging their grenades. You should be able to gather Ankh of Vitality, Fireball, Warding, Rockets, Grenades, and Healing.

When the rats are dead a pair of giant Automatons will rise up into the room below and firejets will force you onto the lift (assuming you are still up top). Start firing rockets or grenades at these monsters. They are slow and you should have no trouble killing them. When this deadly duo is destroyed a scorpion will attack. He is fast and deadly, so try to keep the raised lift between him and yourself and attack with rockets, bombs, or grenades.

When he dies you need to make sure you are standing on the center lift in this room as it will start to descend almost immediately. If you miss the lift you will have to restore and do this all over again. The lift takes you to a large turtle docking facility. Jump on the nearest turtle and ride out of this area.

This final section is pretty deadly so make sure to use the Save Skull at the beginning of this area. You will also get some Grenades and a Grenade Launcher at the beginning of the run and more Grenades in route.

The best strategy is to play this entire portion from the 1st-person view. That way you can aim and fire while letting the turtle do the steering. Lob grenades into the bunkers as you pass by to take out the Automatons and the rat guards. Sometimes you will have to fight rats who are also riding turtles, but they are not difficult to kill.

About halfway through your trip you will notice a turtle pull alongside you. You need to jump over to that turtle while he is still jumping distance away. If you let him get too close you will jump right over him. When the words "WATCH OUT" appear onscreen, you need to act fast or you will get knocked off your turtle.

Jump off your turtle when he reaches the end and use the Save Skull before entering the final arena.

There are a pair of SECRETS in this room that you need to get immediately upon entering. Run straight across into the elevator shaft to the east. You will fall and collect Icy Cool, Strength and Ankh of Vitality before getting warped back to the top. You will appear facing the north alcove so keep running into that area to get the credit for the SECRET (sorry - no items).

By now the first of the Automatons should be arriving so get ready for battle. Several items area scattered about this arena so make sure you get them all. They include; Bombs, War Pigs, Grenades, and Healing. Destroy everything that comes your way and when the smoke has cleared you can take the lift in the SE corner to the final levels of this adventure.

This is the main hub leading to all four dragons. You will return to ths location after you defeat each of the beasts. After you have killed at least one dragon you will be able to access the hidden items in this room under this lift. You can flip a pair of switches to activate the lift and teleporter to access the chests containing; Buckshot, Fireball, Razorspell, Strength and Antidote.

This sequence of rooms has several silver and red knights who pose a considerable threat. Make sure to use a magic blade when possible to kill them quickly. A Silver Sword and Healing can be found in this area. Flip the lever in the concealed passage to the south then go to the hidden room in the NW and flip the switch behind the hidden west wall panel to activate the lift back in the main room.

Kill some more knights and ride the lift down to the SECRET room where you will find a large assortment of items including; Speed, Arc of Power, Rockets, Healing, Fireball, Venom Sword, Strength, and Warding. Make sure to flip the switch to disarm the explosive trap guarding these items.

Follow the west passage to the next area and fight some more knights. Save your game then continue west to the lift.

The Blood Beast is the first of four dragons you will be fighting. Since dragons are immune to spells, and most missile weapons only irritate them, you will have to use sword weapons to kill all four dragons. This dragon particularly dislikes the Venom Sword and when you combine the power of that sword with a Strength potion, you can kill him in just a few blows.

When he is dead you can raid the chests in the area and get, Icy Cool, Ankh of Vitality, Silver Sword, Grenades and Buckshot. Continue west and make sure to steer clear of the bottomless pit which is instant death if you fall in.

The passage works its way around to a teleporter that sends you back to the main hub. You will fight several knights and should be able to find Healing and Jetspell on your way to the teleporter.

This area is teaming with high priestesses. Power-up one of those Warding charms and do some serious fighting. When they are all dead you can flip all the switches down here to activate the lift. Ride the lift up to find Rockets, Healing and Antidote. The switch up here opens the way to the Hydra Lair.

The upper perimeter of the Hydra Lair has switches located in the corners and High Priestesses guard them. When you flip all the corner switches you can then flip the lever in the center of the crossroads to open the door to the NW room.

Drop to the floor and head for that room to get Antidote, Healing, and Venom Sword. A SECRET chamber off of this room contains Speed and Strength potions. The Venom Sword is behind the locked gate to the south which can only be opened by flipping all the gold switches around the perimeter walls of the lower area.

The Hydra will be looking for you by now, so flip those switches quickly. The Hydra also dislikes the Venom Sword, so arm that weapons and drink a Strength potion to inflict more damage with each attack. When he is dead, you can teleport back to the entrance ledge and exit through the other door which is now open. You will arrive in a cross-shaped room with a teleport back to the main hub.

Defeating the Purple Dragon is just a matter of procedure. You need to use the Black Spirit Sword which is locked behind the central cage. To get the sword, you need to press three buttons (marked "B" on the map). Naturally the dragon will be circling overhead breathing fire and spiked explosives at you the entire time.

Head to the north and enter the lift. Ride it to the top and exit to the ledge outside and flip the lever to open a panel inside the elevator shaft. Enter to get the Flamelance and press the Gold Switch.

Run to the east door. You can make a short sidetrip to the NE corner and take the lift up to get another Flamelance if you want. Take the east lift up to the top walkway and run across to the west. Flip the switch in this alcove to open a panel back in the east elevator shaft. The floor will fall out beneath you sending you to the ground floor. You should get an Ankh of Vitality in this area before running back across to the east lift. Ride it up to the new alcove and press the Gold Button.

Head to the SE corner and pull the lever and enter. Ride up to get the Ankh of Vitality and flip the switch up here to open the panel in the south elevator shaft. Return to the ground and head for that lift. Ride up and get another Ankh of Vitality and press the Gold Button.

When all three buttons are pressed, the Black Spirit Sword will rise to the top of the walkway. Run across and get the sword and prepare to do battle. You must fight the dragon on the ground. He will not want to land, so you may have to use those cannons located on the north and east middle ledges to force him to land. Use a Strength potion to magnify your damage and beat him until he lives no more.

Exit to the west when done. A Warding should be in this passage if you didn't already get it. A SECRET room to the north of the large room contains an Ankh of Vitality.

Save your game then pull the lever to lower the first wall. Run around clockwise until you reach the first lever. Watch out for crushing blocks from above. Flip the lever to raise the wall back by the Save Skull. Then run back around counter-clockwise to get the SILVER KEY. Stay along the inside edge to avoid more crushing stone slabs.

Now run back clockwise to the first blocks that fell and climb up to the lever that requires the Silver Key. It will open the wall allowing you to continue south. Enter and take the lift to the lower level and run across the collapsing floor in the hall.

This next room has several switches which need to be flipped in the proper order. Start with the one on the north wall. This drops a stone which lets you climb up to a switch on the south wall. This opens the chamber in the corner. Enter this room and flip the switch on the north wall to disarm the flametrap then flip the south switch to open the small room to the south. Inside is a Speed Potion and a switch which lowers another block in the previous room.

Return to that room and carefully climb up to the top switch. If you get too far away from the wall, crushing stones will slide in to kill you. Get the Flamelance and flip the switch to open another narrow side chamber in the SE corner. This room contains the GOLD KEY and an Icy Cool.

Use the Gold key to open the door to the SW. Run down the hall and leap across the double-pit as the floor falls out from beneath you. If you timed it right you can get an Anti-Magic Charm as you pass by. Exit out to the main arena.

There are several teleporters on this middle ledge and you need to find the one that takes you to the lower ledge. You will return to this level later for the final battle with Melkor.

The lower ledge contains the RED KEY which will get you into the big puzzle room to the north where you can find one of two possible Red Spirit Swords. Teleporters are everywhere and once you have the red blade you will want to return to the middle ledge to do battle.

Underneath the circular platform in the center of this area are several items. They include; Red Spirit Sword, Icy Cool, Warding, and Ankh of Vitality. There are also gold switches on the support pillars of this platform. Three of them fire electrical bolts at Melkor. The forth switch determines whether those bolts will fire into the air or down onto the pedestal. If Melkor is flying around you can use these switches to get him to land, or just inflict some damage on him. Each switch is good for one shot.

FINAL BATTLE TIPS: Defeating Melkor can take 15-60 minutes depending on how fast and accurate you are. Go to the middle ledge and stand by the NE teleporter. This should give you a clear view of the platform in the center, while using the wall to your right as protection from many of those spiked explosives.

Wait for Melkor to land - or force him to land with rocket or Flamelance fire. When he lands, arm the Red Spirit Sword and a Strength potion and step into the teleporter. This is the only teleporter that takes you to the circular platform. Get in close and hack at Melkor's belly as many times as you can. When he flys away, jump off the platform and use the teleporter in the pit to get back to the outer ledge.

Repeat this procedure as many times as it takes until Melkor dies. Make sure you wait until he has FULLY landed on the platform before warping over there. If you get there too soon he will just take off and you will have to start the process all over.

That's it! Game over. You have defeated Melkor and survived DEATHTRAP DUNGEON

This room contains some really nasty timed traps and puzzles which you must solve to get the Red Spirit Sword. Since there is another Red Sword in the bottom of Melkor's pit, this seems like a waste of time and effort, but here is the solution for you diehard gamers:

When you enter, the door in the SW corner opens. Quickly enter and flip the switch then exit and run down the ledge to the north dodging the fireballs coming at you. Flip the switch in this room to open the SE room. Go to this room and wait for the temperature to heat up. You will either want to equip an Icy Cool or dodge the sequence of flamejets that will fire in this room. The lift will go down and you can flip the switch to open the NE room. Get out of this room fast as the door will close and you will have to repeat the process including the flamejets.

Flip the switch in the NE corner to disarm the trap. Now you can safely get the Red Spirit Sword which floats over the pit. You should also have collected Strength, Icy Cool, Anti-Magic, and Warding.

Cheat Codes - Just type in code anytime while playing

ELVIS - Invulnerability
TOOLS - All Weapons
TAXI - Level Skip
MMMMUNGO - Strength
BILLY - Speed