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900 Veterans Blvd., Suite 600
Redwood City, CA 94063
Tel: (650) 780-0166

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Agetec is a world-class publisher of award-winning software and hardware accessories for the North American video game market. Agetec publishes many well-known brand titles, including: “King’s Field,” “The Adventures of Cookie & Cream,” “Bass Landing,” “RPG Maker,” and the “Armored Core” game series as well as the growing list of titles found in the A1 Games series.

Agetec, Inc. was originally founded in 1991 as ASCII Entertainment Software, Inc., the North American satellite office of ASCII Corporation (Japan). ASCII Entertainment Software, Inc. published a variety of products including hardware and software for dedicated entertainment consoles and LAN support products for the home PC market.

To better focus on supporting the interactive entertainment channel in the U.S., Agetec, Inc. was spun off as an independent California corporation in 1998. Agetec, Inc. became a fully independent publisher in 1999 and has since published numerous titles for the PlayStation, PS2, Dreamcast, N64, and Game Boy Color console systems.

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