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Auravision LLC
26771 Lariat Circle
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
Tel: 866-358-6469

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Auravision is a pioneer in the field of computer peripherals and has literally changed the way consumers and business professionals look at the computer keyboard. Now, any computer user can see the keyboard in the dark. Using patented ElectroLuminescent technology, Auravision is creating new computer peripherals and consumer electronic technologies designed to remain totally visible even in dark or low-lit workspaces.

Auravision's first product, the EluminX Illuminated Computer Keyboard, uses patented ElectroLuminescent technology to light up the keys. A perfect solution for late night web surfers, gamers, and computer users, EluminX eliminates the glare from task lighting, eases eyestrain, and makes the keys easy to see. The illumination feature of EluminX has the potential to reduce symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS) including eyestrain and headache.

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