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Bizarre Creations originally started 15 years ago, when Martyn Chudley, MD, started a games company called 'Raising Hell Software' after leaving school in 1987. Bizarre Creations was chosen as a 1.5 party developer for Sega's Dreamcast console. Their Sega title - 'Metropolis Street Racer' - otherwise known as MSR - was released in 2000 in Europe and the USA to critical acclaim. At the same time, the company was also creating 'Fur Fighters', a cartoon adventure game with a definite adult slant. The project was released by Acclaim in 2000 on Dreamcast and PC, and a PlayStation 2 version in 2001(a much enhanced version).

The MSR team moved on to develop Project Gotham Racing, a launch title for Microsoft's new Xbox console. This became the second best selling launch title for the console, and the team are now working on a sequel - Project Gotham Racing 2 - due out in Fall 2003.

Despite our prestigious titles, we've not made it to where we are for a love of business, rather a love of games. We're not a corporate body of stereotypical university graduates, working 9-5 in meticulous precision - no way! Many of us don't have degrees, and the majority have no games industry experience when they join us. We have an ex-dish-washer, shelf-stacker, fork-lift truck driver, bacon packer, accountant and quite a few ex-games testers - a whole variety of backgrounds. But the common link is clear - talent, enthusiasm, an eye for quality and a love of games.

And that's Bizarre Creations!

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