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Blue Omega Entertainment
65 Old Solomons Island Road
Suite 104
Annapolis, Maryland 21401
Tel: (443) 837-1177

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Blue Omega Entertainment is compromised of a team of creative professionals dedicated to producing amazing, unique, and entertaining experiences that captivate the audience. Our core team develops the initial concepts/prototypes and then works with the best companies in the business to make those concepts a reality.

Founded in 2003 in Annapolis, MD, Blue Omega entered into the entertainment world with the production and successful completion of two full length feature films. The company’s first feature film, Dark Ride was released in association with Lions Gate Films. It was part of After Dark Films “8 Films to Die For” ticket which showcased some of the most controversial horror films of the year. Blue Omega’s most recent film production, Danika, starring Marisa Tomei, was released in December of 2006 by Firstlook Films.

Blue Omega launched the interactive division of the company with Damnation is the first film and interactive cross-over property. The proof of concept was originally released as an Unreal 2004 Modification and won 2nd Place in the $1,000,000 Nvidia Make Something Unreal Contest. Since that time, Blue Omega has re-imagined Damnation and moved it into full production as a commercially viable release with publishing and distribution by Codemasters.

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