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Croteam was initially started as a "garage game development" in 1993. From there, it has been continually involved in game development.

In period 1993-1995, Croteam developed three games for different game platforms: Football Glory (PC, Amiga), 5-A-Side Soccer (Amiga) and Save The Earth (Amiga 4000). With the release of Football Glory, Croteam has made a strong presence in the European market (mainly UK and Germany) and Croteam products were received well.

Since 1995, Croteam works exclusively for the PC platform. Recently, Croteam finished two products: Serious Sam (First Person Shooter) and Serious Engine (3D Engine powering Serious Sam with powerful Serious Tools - Serious Editor and Serious Modeler). Serious Sam and the Serious Engine are two products that helped Croteam in establishing strong presence in worldwide markets and creating different realtioships with developers.

Since Serious Sam worldwide release in March 2001, Croteam is recognized for its frantic action game design and powerful Serious Engine technology .

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