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Crytek Studios
Rosenauer Str. 16
96450 Coburg

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Crytek is an interactive entertainment development company founded in 1999 by Cevat, Avni and Faruk Yerli and is located in Coburg, Germany.

Crytek is dedicated to the creation of high-quality video games for PC; Playstation 2; Xbox; and GameCube, and 3D-Game-Technologies such as the CryENGINE™ game engine.

The company's goal is to provide gamers with an intuitive user interface, fast-paced exciting gameplay, and revolutionary atmospheric visuals. To achieve this, Crytek has developed a highly advanced 3D Engine, the CryENGINE™, to surpass both today's and tomorrow's expectations for blockbuster games.

In addition to the in-house development of complete games, Crytek also licenses it's technology for use in other developer’s game products.

Crytek’s development team is comprised of game professionals from 16 different nations including designers, producers, programmers, artists and sound engineers.

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