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Digital Extremes
1807 Wonderland Rd. N.
London, Ontario
Canada N6G 5C2
Tel: (519) 471-9972

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Digital Extremes was founded in 1993 by James Schmalz with the vision of creating a new world of entertainment through the power of technology, imagination and innovation.

Headquartered in London, Ontario, Canada, Digital Extremes got its foothold in the industry through the shareware craze during the early 90’s. Written entirely in assembly language, Epic Pinball was released 10 months after development began, was delivered exactly on time and soon became a huge success. Epic Pinball was one of the most successful shareware games ever made, trailing only behind such industry greats as Duke3D, Doom and Wolfenstein 3D. A sequel soon followed – Extreme Pinball -- and together they helped fund what would soon be one of the industry’s blockbuster franchises, Unreal® and Unreal Tournament. To date, the scope of games in the award-winning Unreal franchise has sold more than 4 million units worldwide across the PC, PlayStation®2 and Dreamcast™ platforms.

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