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G.rev (or G.revolution) is a Japanese arcade videogame developer. The company was founded by former Taito employees who had worked on G-Darius.

G.rev's first release was a puzzle game, Doki Doki Idol Starseeker, but they are better known for the critically acclaimed shoot 'em ups Border Down and Under Defeat. All their games have been native to the Sega NAOMI arcade board and Doki Doki Idol Starseeker, Border Down and Under Defeat were then ported to the Dreamcast.

G.rev has also assisted Treasure with the programming and background graphic design of the popular shoot 'em ups Ikaruga and Gradius V.

Their two newest arcade releases are also shoot 'em ups: Senko no Ronde (an unusual mix of fighting and shooting) and Under Defeat (a helicopter war shoot 'em up, visually similar to Psikyo's Zero Gunner). A Dreamcast port of Under Defeat was released on March 2006; Senko no Ronde instead had a visually upgraded Xbox 360 port, titled Senko no Ronde Rev.X, released in July 2006.

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