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29 Listopada 45a 31-425
Krakow, Poland
Tel: (+48 12) 412 69 29

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GameLab is a group of young and enthusiastic developers located one of the most beautiful cities of eastern Europe – Krakow, Poland. Gaming and game development is our passion. That’s right, we’re geeks* and if you are reading this, there is good chance you are too. You wouldn’t trust a plumber to perform your brain surgery would you? Neither would we. We believe in trusting our gaming to the experts: fellow geeks. We are currently creating gaming applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch in an attempt to bring players the best possible gaming experience based on the highest level of expectations: our own. Focusing on unique and innovated gameplay, original artistic visual stylings and topped off with a healthy portion of creativity, we are dedicated to developing games that not only we, but all our fellow geeks will love to play.

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