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Genki Co., Ltd.
Shinjuku-ku Okubo 2-4-12
Shinjuku Ramudakksu Biru 5F
Tokyo 169-0072

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Genki Co., Ltd. is a software development company based in Tokoyo, Japan. Established in October 1990, the company is well known for the highly recognized videogame “Shutokou Battle.” With an impressive product lineup, Genki is continuing to build a reputation for high quality and high performance around the world. With great emphasis on the development process, Genki has based development on thorough research of each hardware platform, in order to create high quality software responsive to the platform’s special features. Creating the system people will need in order to share their enjoyment of games is Genki’s mission in the 21st century. Since its founding, Genki continues to grow in stature, from a games software company to an entertainment services company that crafts dreams.

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