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Grey Dog Software
ViaTech Technologies, Inc.
69 Wexford Street
Needham, MA 02494
Tel: (781) 449-7601

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As avid gamers and game developers, there have been many instances when our experiences have left us thinking that we could do a better job, that we could run a better company. Finally we decided to just do it, and Grey Dog Software was born.

When it came time to decide what we wanted in our gaming company, it was easy. The company had to be about the games. Games we would be proud to have our name on, games that innovate, games that deliver all that is promised, and games you would want to play over and over again. No gimmicks, just the best games we can make. It sounds so simple, so basic. Yet sadly this fundamental principle is often lost in the pursuit of a sale, but not at Grey Dog.

The most important part of our game development process is you - our customers. Our customers help us make the best games we can. We seek out input on every part of our game development cycle, from the inception of an idea to thoughts on the finished product. We embrace praise and criticism alike because in the end, the games get better as a result.

At Grey Dog, our focus will always be making the best games we can. For every business decision, we ask the question - "How does that help make the game better?" If it doesn't, then the decision is simple-we don't do it.

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