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Gyration, Inc.
12930 Saratoga Avenue, Bldg.C
Saratoga, CA 95070
Tel: (408) 973-7070

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Gyration is a provider of hardware and software solutions that remove the technological barrier between user input devices and digital displays in the business communications, PC and Home Entertainment markets. Gyration combines motion-sensing wireless peripherals, such as remote controls, mice and keyboards, with customized software applications to enhance and simplify user input. As a result, users can truly break free from the confines of their space and employ intuitive gestural control when conducting a variety of activities, such as surfing the Internet, giving a business presentation, or playing a computer game.

Founded in 1990, Gyration's charter is to become the leading provider of controller solutions for entertainment and business by leveraging its key intellectual properties and patents. Gyration's mission includes evangelizing GyroPoint™ Power technology, which is the method by which any inertial sensor in a product senses human motion in order to control a graphic or cursor on a display. Gyration has also developed a proprietary approach to a high-performance, low cost and low-power radio link ideal for use with computer peripherals and remote controls.

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