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Indie Games Productions
Chemin des hirondelles
69570 Dardilly
Tel: +33 (0)4 37 49 79 70

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Indie Games Productions is a company specialised in delegated production and the publishing of video games for all types of consoles, PC and new media. Created in 2004 in Lyons by Philippe Renaudin (CEO of Lyoninfocité / Lyongame, former manager of Doki Denki, one of the largest French development studios, ex-Marketing Director of Sega and former marketing director of Electronic Arts), the mission of Indie Games Productions is to provide the financing, development and supervision for games, from their initial design through to their publishing. Working with a large number of independent development studios, Indie Games Productions has established itself as a production partner for publishing and distribution structures that are looking for new products.

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