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Interplay Entertainment Corp.
16815 Von Karman Ave.
Irvine, CA 92606
Tel: (949)553-6655

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Interplay Entertainment Corp. is a worldwide developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software for both core gamers and the mass market. Founded in 1983, Interplay offers a broad range of products in the action/arcade, adventure/role-playing game (RPG) and strategy/puzzle categories across multiple platforms, including Sony PlayStation2, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo GameCube and PCs. The Company completed its initial public offering in June 1998.

Interplay seeks to publish interactive entertainment software titles that are, or have the potential to become, franchise software titles that can be leveraged across several releases and/or platforms, and have published many such successful franchise titles to date. In addition, Interplay holds licenses to use popular brands, such as Advanced Dungeons and Dragon and Caesars Palace, for incorporation into certain of its products. Interplay's titles are sold primarily through its distrubutors Vivendi Universal Games, Inc and Virgin Interactive Entertainment Limited. The Company also distributes its software titles, as well as other publishers' titles in bundled transactions to hardware companies through Interplay OEM, Inc. Our experienced management team, with broad and diverse backgrounds in a number of industries, is focused on maximizing the value of Interplay's product development, distribution and marketing programs to achieve long-term, profitable growth in the future.

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Icewind Dale II
Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader
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RLH: Run Like Hell

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance
Hunter: The Reckoning


Heart of Darkness
Wild 9

Fallout: The Brotherhood of Steel

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