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Irrational Games
125 B Street
Second Floor
Boston, MA 02127
Tel: (617) 269-0424

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IRRATIONAL GAMES is the award winning developer of System Shock II and Freedom Force. Irrational Games has studios in Boston, MA and Canberra, Australia comprised of dedicated designers, programmers, artists and business facilitators. Irrational team members have worked on some of the premier titles of the industry, including Thief: The Dark Project, Ultima Underworld and System Shock.

Founded in 1997, Irrational Games is dedicated to bringing deep RPG and strategy games to both the PC and next-generation console markets. In the words of co-founder Ken Levine, "While continuing to deliver outstanding, content-rich PC titles, Irrational is now also poised to bring their unique sensibility to the world of console development."

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