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K-D Lab
Telmana St., 73
236008 Kaliningrad
Tel: +7 (0112) 275378

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As a group of computer game enthusiasts, K-D group exists since 1992, when it was founded by Andrey Kouzmine. The people who formed the group were, for the most part, senior students of the Kaliningrad State University. During the first few years we were improving our skills and shaping our own attitude towards game technologies.

Most part of our staff had graduated from physics and math university departments and our interests focused on the field of real-time technologies for visualization of virtual game environments and realization our own, unique game concepts. During that period, we devoted most of our time to academic research and participated in scientific conferences. In 1995 new people joined the group, who became in charge of art and business issues.

We decided to establish a company and concentrate on game development for the PC platform. The company was named K-D LAB. We rented our first office and started working on our first serious projects.

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