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Krome Studios
PO Box 1639
Fortitude Valley
Queensland 4006
Tel: +61 (0)7 32572377

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Boasting a game development history from 1984, Krome Studios has established itself as one of the premier game development houses in the world. At Krome we use our advanced proprietary technology to develop innovative, quality titles on both current and next generation platforms.

Krome has received various government awards in the area of Arts and Entertainment. This is a major achievement for any games development company and one that we are very proud of. Another major achievement is the recent partnership announcement with Film Roman to bring TY the Tasmanian Tiger to the animation world.

Krome Studios currently has over 120 staff, comprising a highly talented and professional group of expert and experienced employees. Our core technical and management team have over two hundred man-years of game development experience and have worked on over fifty different titles over a period of nearly twenty years, reaching as far back as the Sinclair ZX81.

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