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Leading Brands, Inc.
Suite 1800
1500 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6G 2Z6
Tel: (604) 685-5200

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Leading Brands, Inc. is North America's only fully intergrated premium beverage company. The Company has developed a coast-to-coast distribution network, as well as an established portfolio of proprietary brands and a wide range of licensed products. The company is also a significant producer of private label products and a beverage distributor and co-packer for major international beverage companies.

Leading Brands is the only fully integrated beverage company in North America, allowing the Company a unique opportunity to capitalize on its resources, maintain its competitive advantages and benefit from consumer trends. Leading Brands' expertise in all stages of the product lifecycle, from building brands to bringing them to market, and from beverage bottling to beverage distribution makes them a leader in the industry.

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