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Big City Games
3701 Wilshire Blvd.
Penthouse 1130
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Tel: (213) 383-4448

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Since itís establishment, Made By KIDDIES, INC. has been an industry leader in innovation, development interactive entertainment software. With a focus on community building immersive massive multi-player online games, MBK seeks to become the leader in creating exciting games that will appeal to hardcore gamers as well as the traditional non-gamer demographics.

MBK is committed to remaining on the cutting edge of interactive technologies, commercializing highly marketable, emerging Internet niches. Attention is currently focused on the pursuit of three exploding industries: PC, console, and PDA. MBK has the resources, skills, and infrastructure to create innovative, interactive applications. By developing strong relationships with its business partners, licensees and software users, MBK can leverage its expertise and experience to remain at the forefront of all these industries.

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