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87 rue Prince
Suite 140
Montreal, Quebec
H3C 2M7 Canada
Tel: (514) 390-0333

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Founded in 1985 by its current President Elliot Grassiano, MICRO´DS is a French company that has been developing, editing and distributing video games for the last 15 years. Known as a developer for a long time, the company chose to expand through publishing and distribution in 1995. Since then, the company's turnover has increased constantly, in a spectacular manner .

Essentially developer up to 1995, the society has gradually integrated publishing and distribution activities. Because of its strong editorial contents, MICRO´DS comes up to the "gamers" aspirations as well as the aspirations of a large audience. This approach allowed the society to achieve excellent international sales such as "Fort Boyard", "Corsairs", "Amerzone" : its turnover has practically tripled in two years.

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