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MusiGames Studio
Rua do Apolo, 181 - ME 16
Recife - PE - 50030-220 - Brazil
Tel: +55-81-3224-5022

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MusiGames is a business unit of D'Accord Music Software, a leading music software developer. MusiGames creates fun and engaging music games with its cutting edge audio technology. MusiGames was founded in 2007 and soon started to develop DJ Nights using its expertise in computer music and audio processing, inherited from D’Accord. A talented art team with 2D/3D modelers and animators was formed and trained. MusiGames is also building a unique audio engine that enhances the gaming experience. Features such as the audio descriptors extractor and the interactive soundtrack composer will soon be available to third-party developers. With MusiGames Engine, any game can provide immersive and iconic audio experiences.

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