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NuClear Vision
Körnerstr. 9
38102 Braunschweig
Tel: ++49-(0)531-701 89 840

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Founded in the year 2000 in Braunschweig (Niedersachsen) by Frank Fitzner, Tim Bruns and David Strippgen Nuclearvision Entertainment receives the status of a GmbH just a year later. Right from the start they were going into a direction formerly nearly undiscovered by german game developers: a 3D-Ego-Shooter.

Global thinking and detailled design are the requirements for for a succesful product and the credo of Nuclearvision, therefore expect more high-tension titles from us in the future.

Apart from complete game titles we are also providing solutions for visualisations. Or creating high quality models for other companys, like the main character for the upcoming Lula 3D Game from CDV, or just creating and rendering unique trailers (Trinigy).

Nuclearvision is a small, talented and creative team, capable of adopting to the individual expectations of our customers very fast, and so able to find and realize a solution to nearly any problem at resonable cost.

Though most people might guess from our companys name, that we are into atomic waste dumping business, but the name was intended as a new made-up-word one might more likely decode to "innovative, structured ideas" (new clear vision).

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