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OTTO, located in Carpentersville, Illinois, has been a leader in mobile audio for a long time. If you’ve never heard of us, it’s because you’re not a fireman, policeman, race car driver, construction worker or security guy.

The strength that we deal from is creating heavy-duty audio and communication tools for high stakes like public safety, security, surveillance, emergency medical teams, SWAT, fire fighters, HAZMAT and other law enforcement professionals along with food service, hospitality, entertainment, construction and industrial markets—where fidelity, dependability and flexibility are critical. And slick is secondary. Our testing facility is the real world at its most demanding.

Now we bring this expertise to you, the mobileaudioaddict. The circumstances may not be as dramatic, but your life also depends on the devices that deliver that sonic fix, whether it’s via voices or music. All the work we’ve put in over the past 45 years delivering superior audio devices that enable maximum mobility is now serving the needs of the mobileaudioaddict as well.

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