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Ritual Entertainment
2019 N. Lamar St.
Suite 220
Dallas, TX 75202

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Ritual Entertainment is a veteran game development studio that has been a consistent leader in the evolution of game design and artistic quality. Established in August 1996, the company is known for its ability to develop both internal and external properties into award-winning games.

The company was formed with a tribal model where all members are encouraged to lend their creative voice under the guide of senior tribe members. Creativity is our most important and treasured resource and we strive to create an environment that allows for a free flowing stream of information and ideas. Our years of experience in project management are applied to game development with this creative process fully in mind.

Ritual has developed proprietary technology that enhances underlying engine technology and this has allowed us to continuously expand gaming possibilities. This technology has been licensed for use by other well-known studios for both released and upcoming AAA titles.

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