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Sungi Building 981-49 Pangbae-dong Seocho-gu
Seoul South Korea
Tel: 82-2-598-2554

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The main business field of Softmax Co.,Ltd. can be divided intoby 3 areas: package games(console and pc games), online games and mobile games. Our package game business began with the War of Genesis series which pioneered a new game business field, made an unprecedented success by Lychnis, Sky & Rica, Aimpoint, Panthalassa, Magna Carta etc. Series of the War of Genesis is such a great work over 10.8 million copies. And Magna Carta : Crimson Stigmata by the cooperation with Banpresto in Japan is the first PS2 RPG title in Korea, which has already got much interest in Korea and Japan, and also expected to be a great activity in N. America, Europe and world console game market.

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