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Sunstorm Interactive
120 East Market St
Suite 1100
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Tel: (317) 630-1860

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Sunstorm Interactive is a privately owned entertainment software developer, located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Sunstorm was founded in 1995 by Anthony Campiti, who serves as the company president and owner. Sunstorm first gained notoriety with critically praised expansions for popular first person games Duke Nukem 3D and Blood.

In 1997, Sunstorm released 'Deer Hunter' and gave birth to a new genre: the hunting game. Deer Hunter quickly became a top selling title, shocking the industry and catapulting Sunstorm into the limelight. With the incredible success of Deer Hunter and it's sequels, Sunstorm has become known for producing high quality value-priced software.

Building on it's reputation for quality, Sunstorm continues to develop it's popular line of hunting games while also preparing to forge into new markets and genre's. What stands at the core of Sunstorm is a friendly team atmosphere, a laid back work environment, and a commitment to quality that got it where it is today.

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