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Battlefield 2: Modern Combat brings the over-the-top action and excitement of the Battlefield series into the modern era with a bleeding-edge arsenal of vehicles and weaponry allowing for the most extreme "Battlefield Moments" yet.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat features a propaganda- fueled single player campaign where gamers see both sides of a conflict in one of the most treacherous regions in the world - Kazakhstan. Gamers will plunge headlong into the fog of war and must ultimately choose sides in a furious showdown where nothing is as it seems.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat also delivers the Battlefield franchise's trademark multiplayer action, delivering fierce 24 player online battles. Fighting for one of 4 sides - the US, the European Union, the Chinese, or the newly formed Middle East Coalition -players armed with the latest modern weaponry can choose to control any of the 30+ vehicles in the game.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat also boasts advanced online community features, including full clan support, friends lists, voice over IP, and rankings and stat tracking. .

Game Chronicles talks with Executive Producer, Jeff Gamon about what we can expect when Modern Combat arrives on the Xbox 360 next month.

GCM: Other than the obvious improvements to graphics, how has the additional power of the 360 been tapped to enhance the BF2MC experience, both online and off?
Jeff Gamon: We’ve been able to really bring the battlefield to life. There are seemingly minor things like soldiers squinting when aiming down the barrel and gritting their teeth when they fire a heavy burst. There are bigger things like bullets tearing up the environment around you. Taken on their own, some players might not even notice all of them. But put it all together and it makes the experience that much more intense.

GCM: The Battlefield series (especially on the PC) has always targeted the online gaming community. The Xbox 360 is also targeting that same community, but there are still a lot of gamers who don’t play online. What steps are being taken to ensure that the single player campaign is just as much fun as the multiplayer component?
Jeff Gamon: We designed Hotswapping for just that reason, to give people who play offline something completely new and exclusive. It also lets you have an experience that is similar to multiplayer in many ways. Finally, the 20 missions where you fight on both sides of the war make it the deepest single player mode the franchise has ever seen.

GCM: “Battlefield” fans are a loyal bunch. What single element of the 360 version is going to convince those fans who might already own the PC version (and possibly a PS2 or Xbox version) to buy this latest installment?
Jeff Gamon: This is the most immersive Battlefield experience yet. The first time you look down and see the pile of bullet casings next to you from your .50 cal, or are blinded and disoriented by the smoke and shockwave of an explosion, or have debris rain down and bounce off you and your vehicle when a tank shell barely misses you, you’ll know what I mean.

GCM: As far as content, how much of the 360 version is being recycled from the PC and/or previous console releases? Will the content from the “Special Forces” PC Expansion be included as part of the 360 release?
Jeff Gamon: This is like the Director’s Cut of the Xbox version of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, so it won’t include any of the Special Forces content. It will include the new downloadable content, though.

GCM: Hot Swapping is easily one of the coolest new features in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat and opens up a lot of gameplay potential. Just how aware of this ability did the design team have to be when creating missions, planning possible strategies, and programming A.I.?
Jeff Gamon: This was one of the biggest difficulties in Single player, because we had to take into account that at any given time, the player could be controlling a different member of their squad on any part of the map. It means that the battle often has to rage across the entire level, because you can have your team spread out so much. We had to write every level and every mission objective with this in mind.

GCM: How much research goes into a game like Battlefield 2, as far as military specs on weapons, tanks, soldier A.I., etc.?
Jeff Gamon: We aren’t as focused on being 100% realistic as we are with having one foot in reality, and the other in an over-the-top world where anything can happen. We definitely research the vehicles and weapons, and we run around playing with accurate models of the weapons, and go to firing ranges, etc. But we also take some liberties with the physics and other properties when doing so will lead to better vehicle handling, bigger explosions, and in our opinion more fun.

GCM: With so many soldier classes, vehicles, and maps to choose from, it must have been difficult to balance everything out for all scenarios. What were some challenges the design team had to overcome to maintain a level playing field, especially in the unpredictable realm of multiplayer?
Jeff Gamon: Balancing is what we do! We think it’s a large part of what makes the Battlefield experience such an addictive one. We play the game for hours and hours on end, and then we tune it, and then we have other people play it, and then we tune it more. We spend a huge amount of time doing this, so when we throw you into the big sandbox, and give you all the tools you need to wage war, it’s all about your skill with those tools.

GCM: Thank you again for your time! Do you have any last impressions or thoughts for our readers?
Jeff Gamon: We’re excited about this release, and can’t wait to get online with the community.