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By stepping into the roles of each of the main characters, you can unleash a variety of fighting techniques, weapons, stunts, and moves against brutally gifted enemies. Characters improve in skill throughout the game, learn new moves, and earn bonuses and rewards as they master the art of Wudan-style fighting.

  • Superhuman Martial Arts
    Master all the whirling acrobatics, dizzying combos, and impossible dodges from the film.

  • Face Your Destiny
    Vengeance, honor, and betrayal unfold as you embark on the quests of Li Mu Bai, Yu Shu Lien, Jen, and “Dark Cloud” Lo. Includes multiple endings based on your in-game performance!

  • A Fistful of Bonuses
    Unlock special videogame “Making Of” footage, an exclusive comic, bonus play modes & costumes, and other secrets.
Game Chronicles goes inside this exciting new game with an exclusive interview by John Carswell.

GCM: Thank you for your time. Would you please get us started by introducing yourself and telling us about the team behind Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon?
Charles Harribey: My name is Charles Harribey, I am the Game Content Manager for CTHD. That means that I am the overview for the design aspects of the game for the publisher Ubisoft. Tokyo Japan based Lightweight was the development team. Their previous titles include Kabuki Warriors, and Bushido Blade on the PSX.

GCM: Your game’s plot stays largely true to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon movie. However, for those unfamiliar with the fiction, would you please set the stage? Also could you give us a sense of what tweaks needed to be made in order to make the plot more game-friendly?
Charles Harribey: Set in a dreamlike ancient China. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon tells the story of two veteran warriors, Li Mu Bai and Shu Lien, and two young warriors, Jen and Lo. It is a tale of repressed emotion and heroes and villains. I highly recommend that people watch the film, and then play the game to get an understanding of the story.

In order to adapt the story for the game and to allow the player to recreate their favorite moments, each character has been separated out and given their own story line and level structure. In this way, the player is able to become all 4 of the major characters and view the story from their unique point of view.

GCM: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (the movie) featured some curious manipulation of physics. Can we expect to see the same from your game and, if so, could you please give us a few examples?
Charles Harribey: The dev team has spent the bulk of their efforts trying to capture the look and feel of the characters movement. Players are able to leap onto rooftops, run along walls and climb bamboo trees. Combat features the ability to perform and counter complex combinations of moves that recreate the excitement of the film.

GCM: As for the combat engine in general, please give us a sense of its core mechanics.
Charles Harribey: The combat system is designed in such a way that both attack and defense are equally important. Most action games emphasize offense which quickly gets tiring. However, in our game deflecting and dodging blows is just as important. Players will find that developing their defensive skills allows them to avoid all damage, and gain other bonuses like an boost to their health and fighting abilities.

GCM: What characters will the player be able to control and, more importantly, how will their selection affect the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’s gameplay and story?
Charles Harribey: The player will be able to play each of the four major characters from the film. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses in addition to having their own story line and levels. Players actually being the game as Jen, and upon completion, will then begin Shu Liens story, leading to Li Mu Bai and finally Lo.

GCM: Over the course of the game, will the player’s character gain new abilities, weapons, and whatnot? If so, how has this system implemented (RPG Stat system, rewards for accomplishments, etc.)?
Charles Harribey: One of the major elements of the game is the ability to improve your character. There are two basic methods of combat, unarmed and weapon based. The more you use a particular method, the better you become at it. In this way, the player is directly influencing what type of fighter his character will become. As for weapons, both players and enemies are able to pick up and use any weapons dropped or found in the game.

GCM: Putting it all together—would you please describe in detail what you view as a quintessential fighting experience in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon?
Charles Harribey: When you approach an enemy, a size up occurs. Depending on who initiates the attack, the other character will attempt to counter with blocks, feints, and dodges waiting for an opening in which to strike. Most games simply have a block button which puts the character into a turtle like defensive posture. Our game has robust system of defense that allows a skilled player to avoid all damage and blows. Combat then has a balanced feel rather than the button mashing found is most games.

GCM: As for graphics, artistic presentation, and musical score, what has gone into the development of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon?
Charles Harribey: Extra care went into the modeling and animation for the main characters. Each character features the signature moves that were displayed in the film, as well as the various costumes that were worn. The backgrounds are all taken straight from the film and allow the player to roam and fight in memorable locations. As for score, the award winning score from the film is used extensively throughout the game.

GCM: What differences, if any, will there be between the various versions of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (PS2, Xbox, etc.)?
Charles Harribey: While the core gameplay is essentially the same on both platforms, each version contains unique costumes for each of the main characters. The Xbox version also benefits from a cleaner overall look.

GCM: Thank you again for your time. Would you care to leave our readers with any last thoughts or impressions?
Charles Harribey: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon recreates the excitement of the film in it’s unique combat and character development system, it liberal use of locations and characters from the film and by using the actual award winning soundtrack. All of these elements combine to make a gameplay experience that is memorable and complimentary to film.