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Developed by Ready At Dawn Studios, in collaboration with SCEA’s Santa Monica team, the team that brought you the epic Chains of Olympus, now comes the latest installment in the God of War saga, God of War: Ghost of Sparta for the PSP and PSPgo systems. This new journey picks up after the conclusion of God of War, telling the story of Spartan warrior Kratos ascension to power as the new God of War. Ghost of Sparta will combine intense action, a fresh storyline, stunning graphics, and depths of scale never-before-seen on the portable platform.

At the end of God of War, the brutal warrior Kratos had defeated Ares and ascended to Olympus as the new God of War. In Ghost of Sparta, Kratos finds that his new powers are not enough to stop the nightmares that continue to plague him. To free himself of the ghosts that haunt his memories, Kratos must embark on a journey that will reveal the origins of lost worlds and answer long-awaited questions about his dark past. Armed with the deadly Blades of Athena, he will have to overcome armies of mythological monsters, legions of undead soldiers, and amazingly dangerous and brutal landscapes throughout his merciless quest.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta Feaures:

  • New Combat & Weapon System: Enhanced melee combat features more in your face action with ‘Combat Rush’, which enables Kratos to pummel enemies to the ground as well as throw them, an augmented death system featuring unique weapon and magic specific deaths, as well as a larger variety of combination, finishing and air-to-air combat moves. Players will also have new weapons to wield such as the Spear and Shield with its fully fleshed out combat tree along with new magical powers for more lethal attacks.

  • Bigger Bosses, More Enemies: Ghost of Sparta boasts bigger and more diverse gameplay than Chains of Olympus. This results in exponentially larger bosses, double the enemies on-screen with more diverse behaviors, and new navigation types all of which add to a more engaging and immersive gameplay experience.

  • Stunning Visuals: Engine enhancements provide stunning graphics and dramatic camera angles that are coupled with weather effects, depth of field, and higher quality environments to offer visuals that have never been seen before on the PSP system.

  • Epic Story: Keeping true to the God of War franchise, Ghost of Sparta provides compelling new adventure for Kratos, one that will go deeper into his past that ever before and answer long-awaited questions about the Spartan warrior.

  • Puzzle Solving: As players explore the ancient world, prepare to navigate through a labyrinth of challenging puzzles inter-woven into the story.

  • Critically-Acclaimed Franchise: Brought to you by two award-winning development teams, Sony Computer Entertainment America, Santa Monica Studio and Ready At Dawn Studios.

  • Enjoy Anytime, Anywhere: Available for the PSP and PSPgo systems, Ghost of Sparta is a blockbuster adventure in the palm of your hand that can be enjoyed on the go, anytime, anywhere!
Game Chronicles goes inside this ambitious new PSP action-adventure with, Ready At Dawn Studios Game Designer, Mike Deneen for a little insight into the world of Kratos.

GCM: Thank you for your time! Please get us started by introducing yourself and telling us about the team behind Ghost of Sparta. How many on the team are veterans from Chains of Olympus?

MD: My name is Mike Deneen. I have been a Game Designer at Ready At Dawn Studios (RAD) for 3 1/2 years and have worked in the industry for 6. We have a tight-knit, talented, and dedicated team comprised of numerous vets from God of War: Chains of Olympus joining forces with developers new to RAD. That kind of diverse experience allowed us to push the envelope with what is possible on the PSP and with God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

GCM: How did you come to the decision of where to fit the Ghost of Sparta storyline into the established Kratos saga and what were some challenges in creating a narrative that didn’t overlap on any existing material?

MD: We knew that we wanted to tell a personal story about Kratos as a character because there were lots of unanswered questions pertaining to his past that the fans wanted to have settled. Setting the game between God of War and God of War II was the natural choice because it’s during that journey that he is forced to shed his mortal ties and really dive deep into the last shreds of his humanity.

Overlapping with existing material wasn't a concern. We were able to focus tightly in on who Kratos is and how he became a rage-filled killing machine, which is a fact that has been setup nicely for us with the rest of the titles.

GCM: After playing four God of War games, it seems we’ve seen everything and been everywhere that Greek Mythology has to offer. What were some challenges in coming up with new enemies and new locations for Kratos to explore and new creatures to fight?

MD: Both the God of War universe and of Greek Mythology are vast, so there were plenty of options available when it came to picking locales and characters. An example of each that made it into Ghost of Sparta is the lost city of Atlantis and King Midas, two pieces of Greek Mythology that I think most people are aware of, even before the game starts up. I can also promise that there are other recognizable elements in Ghost of Sparta that have yet to be seen in any God of War game.

GCM: Chains of Olympus set the bar, both in visuals and gameplay, for PSP action games that has yet to be surpassed, even today. What enhancements can we look forward to in Ghost of Sparta that will raise this bar even higher?

MD: This game is far superior to Chains of Olympus. We were able to tackle all of the requests and comments from the community right out of the gates given our previous experience with the franchise. That translates to a much bigger and longer game with a lot of gigantic boss battles, a huge cast of characters, brand new and exciting unlockables, and a ton of unique abilities, magics, weapons, and combat options. Add that to the fact that the visuals are incomparable to Chains of Olympus or ANYTHING ELSE on the PSP, and we feel that fans will be getting the complete God of War experience, in the palm of their hand.

GCM: God of War III on the PS3 redefined the term “scale” in video games, both in level design and massive boss battles. How do you capture that feeling of awe and epic scale on a tiny PSP screen?

MD: One of the development philosophies at Ready At Dawn is to make the best possible game and not think specifically about what system it will be put on initially. We don’t aim to make an awesome PSP game, but rather an awesome game PERIOD. Making our vision fit within the generous confines of the hardware is not a problem especially given our extensive experience with it. Our talented designers, artists, and programmers all understand what it takes to make an excellent God of War game and we work hard to achieve the best results.

God of War III redefined scale in games and on the PS3, and I can honestly say we are similarly redefining scale on the PSP. A big reason for this are the strict standards we follow and the great deal of pride our team takes in their work – very similar to the Santa Monica team.

GCM: Ghost of Sparta is going to feature integrated puzzles, often the bane of action gamers. Will there be a hint system or way to skip these puzzles if players get stuck?

MD: When developing the game, we put it through a lot of focus tests with people of varying skill levels. This was extremely valuable in gauging the game’s difficulty and it was particularly useful for the puzzles. When we found spots that were confusing, we discussed and edited accordingly until the puzzle pieces were perfectly clear without giving away the solution. We are confident that the puzzles in Ghost of Sparta are memorable moments.

GCM: Is there any planned connectivity with Ghost of Sparta and God of War III as far as unlockables or data exchange? Or perhaps a starting bonus if the game detects a Chains of Olympus completed save file on the PSP?

MD: Pre-ordering Ghost of Sparta will allow people to play as Deimos, Kratos’ brother, in God of War III.

GCM: Chains of Olympus featured a Hollywood film-ready score and amazing voice reads. Who is doing the soundtrack for Ghost of Sparta and is TC Carson back to reprise his role as Kratos?

MD: TC Carson, Linda Hunt, and all of the voices you’ve come to love are reprising their roles in Ghost of Sparta. Sony composes the music and we have an in-house sound designer who implements everything to perfection at Ready At Dawn.

GCM: Thank you again for your time! Do you have anything to add that I may have missed or something you’re particularly proud of in this game that our readers should know about?

MD: We feel that we are delivering the best experience the PSP has seen to date. We thank everyone for supporting our games and we promise come November 2nd you will be blown away.