As of June 1st, 2012 Game Chronicles has switched back to the 5 STAR scoring system for our reviews. Here is a breakdown of our new scoring system:

AWESOME - Must play NOW (day one, week one purchase)
GOOD - Must play SOON (play while it's hot)
AVERAGE - Play eventually (you can probably wait for a sale or pick it up used)
BELOW AVERAGE - Budget Bin (a few redeeming qualities if you can find it cheap or just rent)
POOR - Avoid (move along...nothing to see here)

We will also continue to honor exemplary achievements with our Editors’ Choice Award for games, movies, and products that are worthy of special mention. While these are almost always 5-Star rated reviews, not all 5-Star products may earn this award. This award is solely at the discretion of the reviewer, and all Editors' Choice winners are also entered as nominations for our annual Game of the Year Awards.

As always:

  • Products are judged solely on their own features and level of enjoyment at the time of their release.
  • Any comparisons are made only with current products in the same genre and same technology level.
  • All reviews are based on Final Retail Versions provided by the publisher unless otherwise noted.

    Prior to our adoption of the 5-Star scoring system Game Chronicles used a 10-point system for our reviews (actually a 100 point system when you factor in decimals). Rather than go back and try to re-score nearly 5,000 reviews from the past 10 years we are letting those scores remain in their numeric form. Here is a breakdown of that old scoring system for reference when reading any of our legacy reviews.

    10FLAWLESS: It doesn't get any better than this. Buy it now.
    9.0 to 9.9OUTSTANDING: A nearly flawless game that stops just short of perfection. A must-have title.
    8.0 to 8.9AMAZING: Very few flaws or glitches but still an excellent gaming experience and worth owning.
    7.0 to 7.9GREAT: Better than GOOD but not quite up to our standards of EXCELLENCE.
    6.0 to 6.9GOOD: Some noteable flaws you will want to consider when making a purchase decision.
    5.0 to 5.9AVERAGE: Unimpressive graphics, sound, or lack of original gameplay can put a game in this rank.
    4.0 to 4.9BUDGET: You might get some minor enjoyment but don't pay full-price. Wait for the bargain bin.
    3.0 to 3.9POOR: You should be a big fan of this game to even consider a rental.
    2.0 to 2.9BAD: Games with bad graphics, sound, or excessive bugs will get this rating.
    1.0 to 1.9TERRIBLE: Don't buy - Don't rent - Don't waste your time.
    0.0 to 0.9COASTER: Only games that are virtually unplayable would ever score in this range.