Reviewed: March 1, 2010
Reviewed by: Mark Smith


Regolith Games

Released: January 27, 2010
Genre: Puzzle
Players: 1


Supported Features:

  • HDTV 720p
  • Content Download
  • Leaderboards

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  • Are you a fan of word games like Boggle and Scrabble or enjoy the occasional crossword puzzle? Just how vast is your vocabulary and how much trivia knowledge have you absorbed over the years. KrissX is the perfect way to find out. Join Wordsworth the Owl for a fun and educational tour through 150 word puzzles containing more than 3,500 jumbled words that need to be unscrambled and solved as quickly as possible.

    KrissX offers several game modes including a lengthy Quest mode that takes you on a tour of multiple levels with artistic backgrounds and increasing difficulty as you analyze clues and move letters around to unscramble the mixed up words on the screen. If you need a more frantic challenge you can played the Time Attack mode, or kick back and relax with the Timeless mode or sample some of the Secret Puzzles.

    In addition to testing your vocabulary and spelling skills, your reflexes will also get a workout as colored power-ups spill from the successful solutions and you must rapidly tap the corresponding controller buttons to earn valuable bonuses like extra seconds on the clock or automatic solutions to other words on the board. If you can chain the bonuses and click them all before they fall off the bottom of the screen you will earn extra awards on each puzzle summary page.

    Iím not quite sure the intended target audience for KrissX. The charming level designs and insufferably cute owl indicate a youthful audience, and admittedly, the first 30-40 levels were extremely easy for this 40-something writer/editor. The fact that the puzzles nearly solve themselves if you are remotely good at collecting the falling power-ups makes the game even easier. You'll also find that the same words start showing up in future puzzles, which wouldn't be so bad if they had a different clue.

    Some of my favorite puzzles were the mini-challenges between the levels where you had to create the target word with a limited amount of letter swaps or sort a group of letters in either ascending or descending alphabetic order in a certain amount of swaps. These got really challenging in the later levels.

    There is no multiplayer mode, which definitely kills any attempt to play this as a party game. I suppose the family could all gather around and try to figure these puzzles out collectively, especially since around level 60-70 you will need a more expansive vocabulary. Otherwise, if you play this game alone it gets rather tedious rather fast and almost feels like you are cramming for the SATís. KrissX does track scores and completion times and there are leaderboards but Iíd hardly call that competition. There is a decent amount of achievements but none of those are terribly difficult to earn either.

    KrissX is cute and fun and somewhat educational in that it might expand your vocabulary or help your spelling. There is a lot of presentation but not much substance and the whole game comes off as something that would be better played on my iPhone than my Xbox. This leisurely puzzle games just donít work that well on the console, especially when there is no multiplayer support or reason to play past the first pass.