Reviewed: July 7, 2008
Reviewed by: Jeff Gedgaud

Viva Media


Released: June 20, 2008
Genre: Puzzle
Players: 1


System Requirements

  • Windows XP or Vista
  • Pentium 4 2.0 GHz Processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 64 MB 3D Video Card
  • DirectX 9 Sound Card
  • AGEIA PhysX card for bonus content
  • 500 MB Hard Drive Space

    Screenshots (Click Image for Gallery)

  • Puzzle games just do not get any better than this and Crazy Machines 2 is going far with their build a better mousetrap puzzle game. Crazy Machines 2 is exactly like the game Mouse Trap only on your computer and let loose with such imagination and inventive creation as you could possibly imagine.

    I played Crazy Machines and did the review here at Game Chronicles awhile back and it was a very fun game but now Viva Media brings you the sequel in an amusing and great way. You start at a workshop and have to solve the puzzles for The Professor, yes thatís all they call him, before going out into the world.

    You start each level with a quick description that can be hard to follow some time but you always have the description in a side menu anytime you want it with your goals and any hints you unlock. During a level you can get a hint or two as well as a limited number of Spy hints for the entire career mode.

    The Spy hints allow you to see a specific circle of the puzzle from their solution to give you a hint at how they solved the puzzle. The sentence hints tell you a clue to how you can solve the puzzle for a variety of helpful ways to complete the objectives.

    Puzzles use over 200 objects for you to try and get the solution of whatever each puzzle is trying to do which can be simple or complex depending on how you approach each one. A few have been very easy for me but others are just baffling which is a great way to run a puzzle game, most puzzles have one or two objectives and a couple of side or secondary objectives.

    I really enjoy these types of games because you donít have any clock going and there is no rush but you do feel a real sense of accomplishment when you do solve them. Your puzzles are stuck onto a wall and can be things like get a ball into a basket or play an old time phonograph with the included parts.

    You learn things about physics such as gravity, motion, electricity and a host of other scientific concepts in a very fun way. This is a great game for kids to help them get excited about education and learning as well as adults to while away a few hours on something that is educational and fun.

    I think the graphics are really good for Crazy Machines 2 with some great effects and decent textures with a few nice changes from the previous game. You can zoom in on certain parts of the playing area to get a better look at your puzzle. This allows you to see what exactly the parts are that are there and how you place yours which can make the difference from solving it or having all your eggs hitting the floor, so to speak.

    The textures are nothing spectacular but the effects like fire and heat are very well done and almost look real even when you zoom in. The items sometimes have a halo effect to help you identify their position and whether they are connected or in a place they canít be which helps in placement.

    All the menus and rooms for getting into your puzzles are nice looking and have pretty good graphics for the game but the items and actual puzzle is where most of the attention was paid. Crazy Machines 2 is a really nice looking game without being too cluttered or odd looking, the only things out of place in puzzles are meant to try and throw you off your objectives.

    The sound is nice and each section has theme music appropriate to your puzzles and geographical location which help make an overall well made game. When you advance in the career to different chapters you will visit different areas of the world after you graduate college and the theme music changes with this.

    Each area has music that sounds like your really there and is not overbearing or too corny so they did a good job with the sound. The audio is excellent when you zoom in to look at things closely due to the objects that are making noise getting louder.

    When you have things placed and anything that makes noise is turning, burning or whatever then zoom in close to it the sound will get louder. This type of attention to detail is what makes a great game and they did a great job with all parts of Crazy Machines 2.

    Each chapter of the game has ten levels and there are 11 chapters with 110 missions in all but you can also download 20 bonus levels. There are also addition bonus levels you can download for an AGEIA PhysX enabled computer so there is plenty to do.

    Each puzzle has numerous ways to solve it as well as a bonus side mission that can be accomplished when you are completing your main objective. You can replay the entire game and try to get all the side objectives for additional fun which makes a great game for replaying when you have completed it all.

    The game also has a community which allows people to not only talk to other puzzle fanatics but you can share your own creations by building your own puzzle and uploading them to the site. This means others will be doing the same so the content here is a wide range of great puzzles and whatever else others can come up with as well.

    Crazy Machines 2 has been a very fun game to play and this is one of those rare games that will stay on my computer to return to again and again. This type of puzzle game does not get old as the puzzle are constantly changing and getting not only more difficult with more pieces but more interesting in how you can solve them.

    But not all puzzles have a complex solution, as some are actually quite simple to give you a real taste of game fun; some are so simple that you kick yourself for not seeing the solution right away. The added objects in many scenes are also there to confuse you as not everything in each puzzle is used or even needed.

    Crazy Machines 2 is a great game and a fun way to spend some time relaxing and puzzling through a few obstacles on the wall. Crazy Machines 2 also has a great fan based puzzle download section so there is plenty to do after you complete the levels of the career mode in building your own or puzzling through other peoples crazy machines.