Reviewed: January 5, 2007
Reviewed by: Jeff Gedgaud


Radical Entertainment

Released: October 10, 2006
Genre: Action
Players: 1
ESRB: Mature


System Requirements

  • Windows XP w/ SP2
  • Pentium IV 2.8 GHz
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 128 MB 3D Video Card

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  • Let me get something off my chest before I start in on Scarface for the PC. This game has a huge amount of swearing and violence. Scarface The World Is Yours stars that ever foul-mouthed Tony Montana from the film Scarface. Vivendi Games and Radical Entertainment have played fast and loose with the end of the movie from Universal Pictures around the idea that Tony lived to ply his drug trade and seek revenge.

    Now you get to play Tony Montana on the streets of Miami as you try to rebuild your drug trafficking empire and steal, kill and bribe your way back to your old lifestyle. The game does have a lot, did I mention tons, of swearing and violence but thatís what you get in the drug trade. You use your natural prowess with guns and finesse with trading to build your drug empire as well as tear down your competitors.

    Scarface The World Is Yours has you running all over a pretty nice looking Miami totting several different guns, driving in a couple of nice cars and killing off your drug competitors. You start at the end of the movie where you survive the attempt on your life by dozens of gun wielding hired thugs. You run through a secret tunnel, now why didnít the movie version think of that, to escape both the killers and the cops.

    The next day finds you without any money but with lots of contacts and ways to get both money and drugs. You must rebuild your dwindling empire by pulling off drug deals, bribing corrupt police officers and laundering your drug money. There are all kinds of side missions in Scarface for you to complete at any time as well as the current mission the game puts in front of you.

    At any time you can deal with any of the street thugs pointed out on your handy map by white dots. These people are either drug dealers selling drugs or people wanting to buy from you so you can wander the streets of sunny Miami earning your main cash income. You can also knock out the competition in several ways not only on the main missions but just by wandering around and finding all the gangs to kill.

    These gangs control different areas of Miami and you will be told when entering these areas as well as having them pointed out to on your map. You need to kill off all the members of the gang before you can take control of their turf. While doing these illegal activities you need to concern yourself with getting too much attention from both the police and rival gangs. There are two heat indicators that help you out with avoiding both the police and rival gangs.

    These indicators let you know when police or gangs are after you and let you know when you should lie low to let things cool off a bit. But where is the fun in that, its much more fun to lead the police on a game wide chase or to lead the gangs to dead ends to wipe them out.

    Although Scarface includes plenty of side missions as well as a good variety of main goals the AI is not really that good. I found it was pretty easy to kill off your rival gangs by setting them up in alleys or around corners. The AI tends to want to check out your car more so than find out why their comrades are dropping like flies when they check out the car. I was able to kill off one whole gang by just waiting around the corner for them to arrive at the car and blast away.

    Main missions include getting your bank laundering set up, finding the scum who tried to kill you, obtaining fronts for your drug trade and other dealings to further your illustrious drug career. Taking all the different things you can do along with the colorful way you can go about them Scarface is a pretty open game as far as how you accomplish things.

    Scarface uses several different screen controls to help you like a mini map as well as a separate map to further help find your way. You also have indicators like how much on hand cash you have that you lose should you die or how much you have safely in the bank. You also have your heat indicators on screen as well as a goals and information screen to help you decide what you want to do next.

    In game you need to develop your reputation level that helps you dealing drugs and with other things in the game. You also have some pretty fancy things you can purchase in the game to help raise your reputation level such as a fancy sports car or a pet tiger, go figure. Many of the aspects of the game help you in your drug trade and in scarring off the competition.

    Scarface takes place in Miami with a pretty good graphical representation that is about average. The character models are pretty good but the gore and gunplay doesnít come near the basic graphics and textures. The guns look very toyish while firing and the blood is huge sprites hitting walls or splashing on the ground.

    The graphics in Scarface are at the same time pretty good and kind of bad so it looks odd to have both in the game when youíre doing things. It looks again like another port from the console version and they did not do much with the graphics to improve them on the PC version. There are a few settings for graphics such as screen resolution and effects but these donít make much difference in the game.

    It is kind of a nice change for a PC game to step out and actually earn the Mature rating but it gets to be kind of annoying for the characters to say the F word every three seconds. The voices in Scarface are very good and well acted for the most part with a very good imitation of the real actor playing Tony Montana. There are a huge number of both big actors and smaller ones; James Woods and Cheech Marin are a couple that I quickly recognized but there are many others.

    I found a few areas that the sound would stutter and quite or not work correctly while playing and the sound effects were pretty much average throughout the gameplay. While driving in a vehicle you can have a radio on and listen to some pretty good music both from the 70ís of the games original movie or all kinds of different groups and in several different genres of music; rock, pop, and hip hop to name a few.

    If you do want to have plenty to do in the seedy underworld of drug dealing you can spend many hours picking off rival drug dealers and gangs. You have so many side missions and other things you can do it will take quite awhile to do just about everything in Scarface. They have included some unique things with the gameplay that limit how you play in a good sort of way.

    You cannot kill civilians, only bad guys, so shooting your way through the game is out. You get a reputation level that you need to concern yourself with somewhat so you go around and complete missions trying to avoid the things youíre supposed to. You also have to avoid the police while dealing and killing off your rivals but this is pretty easy to do in the game.

    You can talk your way out of most situations but it is easier to just watch your mini map and listen for sirens to get out of the area before they get on the same block as you. If you have weapons out when the cops arrive on scene they will shoot you dead quickly so avoiding them is paramount to continuing the game. You can spend many hours just wandering around completing the missions so there is some good value here in the different types of missions and how you can go about completing them.

    If youíre into blood, guts and violence then Scarface is not a bad game other than the pretty lame AI. You can kill rival drug dealers and other bad people by neatly blowing their heads off, chopping off limbs using machetes or chainsaws or shooting neat little holes in them. The gore and violence can be a bit overwhelming along with the excessive swearing but other than that Scarface is a pretty average game.