Reviewed: October 19, 2008
Reviewed by: Brian Wylie

Sony Computer Entertainment

Relentless Software

Released: September 23, 2008
Genre: Trivia
Players: 1-6


Supported Features:

  • Memory Stick Duo (384 KB)
  • Wi-Fi Ad Hoc (2-6 Players)
  • Wi-Fi Infrastructure (2 Players)
  • GameSharing

    Screenshots (Click Image for Gallery)

  • It is time to test your knowledge against your newest game show host on your PSP, Buzz! Master Quiz. Sony has finally transferred your favorite new friend from the PS2 and PS3 consoles to your PSP. It is time to test yourself against yourself, against a friend, or some random person you might find online. All questions are fair game, so test your luck (or skill) and see who is the smartest of the smartest, all on your PSP.

    You have two different options that you can choose from when you first start the game; Solo mode or Multiplayer mode. If you pick solo mode it is just you against the clock. If you pick Multiplayer mode you will be able to pass the PSP around and play against your friends, or you can play online against any random person who might be looking for online competition themselves. The problem is that you won't find anyone to play against. I tried numerous times, day and night, and could never find anyone to challenge. With pass the PSP, you just pass the PSP to the next person in line for their question and Buzz keeps your score for you.

    In either mode that you pick you will have three different categories to play under; Snapshot, Top Rank Challenge, and Quick Fire Movie Challenge. With the Snapshot mode you get to answer as many questions as you can during a set amount of time. With every correct question you get to unveil a panel to a picture. After each panel that is unveiled you can guess what the picture is or pass and move on to the next question. If you guess what the picture is you get bonus points added on to your overall score. Depending on how many points you get after your time has run out you will receive a bronze, silver, or gold ranking.

    If that doesnít sound very interesting to you or you just want something that will challenge you more, you can try the Top Rank Challenge. Here is where you have to Rank in order any number of things. You have eight questions that you have to rank to once again try and achieve the ranking of bronze, silver, or gold. The kicker is that if you get one of the four wrong you donít get any points. The questions of ranking could be; rank in order what words create the title to a movie, or rank in order what sea creatures are smallest to largest. This was really difficult for me because if you get one wrong and you know it is wrong you cannot go back and correct it.

    The final category that you can choose from is the Quick Fire Movie Challenge. This was my favorite section to test my knowledge. There are fifteen questions that you have to answer and what was even better than that, is that I played about ten rounds and never got asked the same question twice. You get to see a movie clip from any time and then you are asked some simple questions and some difficult questions. This category could even get the older generations excited about playing with you because they might know more than you think about newer movies and can really impress you about their knowledge of the older ones as well. The better you answer the questions the more points you receive and again the points allow you to reach bronze, silver or gold status.

    With the PSP version of Buzz you will get exactly what you got with the other console versions with the graphics and sounds. Buzz looks the same and still has that snappy "Jason Donovan" wit that just makes you feel like an idiot when you get questions wrong. He still has his over animated body gestures that look flawless and there is absolutely no ghosting at all. The pictures with the snapshot mode are great and look high def as a picture from a HD camera would look. The movie clips look flawless and stunning.

    The background music is catchy and even the sound from the movie clips sounds perfect. You will have no trouble with hearing the questions being asked and will get wrapped up in the moment with the background music as it adds to the suspense of the game. The text is crisp and clear and easy to read even though the font is small. This game truly looks and sounds amazing in every way, shape, and form.

    Buzz! Master Quiz is not as big and doesn't have as much to do as the other versions on the consoles, but it still has a vast question bank and will keep you on your toes. I have played this game for hours and havenít seen the same question asked twice. You can see the same movie clip over again but donít think the questions will be the same.

    Even with that said you might not want to jump on the bandwagon for this game right away. Unlike the other versions of Buzz this game doesnít have individual categories to choose from in your area of expertise. In every category you will be asked questions from all over the board except in the Quick Fire Movie section, but even in that section you are asked more questions from really old movies than new ones that owners of PSPs would know.

    If you are a big trivial game guru then Buzz! Master Quiz is a must have for you to play anytime or anywhere. Just don't expect an abundance of online competition. And if you are in the younger crowd and are thinking about getting this game because you loved the console versions a lot you might want to think about renting this one before you buy.