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8.3 7.7

Compared: April 2, 2002
Compared by: Mark Smith



Genre: Sports
Players: 2
ESRB: Everyone

NFL Blitz 20-02 brings all the hard-hitting action you've come to expect from Midway's extreme sports series to your PS2 and Xbox. Released only one month after the PS2 version, the Xbox version of Blitz offers no real improvements or noticeable changes other than a few minor benefits related to the pure horsepower of the system.

Round 1: Control

The control scheme is a model of perfection and designed to be quite intuitive. Just about anyone can pick up the controller and start having fun. As you continue to play you will begin to discover all sorts of subtle tricks and player moves that make each new game a unique experience. Both systems offer the same level of precise and fun control over your team resulting in a draw for this round.

Round 2: Visuals

The Xbox manages to edge out the PS2 version ever so slightly with a barely noticeable improved framerate, some nicer special effects, and many of the clipping problems of the PS2 have been cleaned up. A few random graphic glitches still remain but you will have to go looking for them, mainly in the replays, if you want to find them. Even though the graphics are nearly identical for both formats the Xbox wins this round.

Round 3: Music & Sound

Once again, both games are practically identical in the audio department. Both games feature great bone-crunching sound effects, trash talking players, and some decent commentary. The Xbox manages to slip past the PS2 version with some higher quality sound that can only be explained by the audio processor in the Xbox. You would never be able to tell the difference unless you played these games side-by-side.

Round 4: Other Deciding Factors

The power of the Xbox seals this round with faster load times that means you will be playing more and waiting less. The extra space of the hard drive also allows you to save more season and team data without filling up the smaller PS2 memory cards.

Bottom Line

You can't go wrong with either version, but if you have both an Xbox and a PS2 then the Xbox will be your best pick for extreme football, at least until the 20-03 version is release.